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当幸福来串门2010-02-25 22:10:34 +0000 #1
张雪峰CR72010-02-25 22:13:44 +0000 #2
曼联和利物浦是被美国老板举债购买的,借了N亿英镑interest particularly numerous, and then re-use the club to earn money to repay debts, of course, before we acquired the fans did not know, or not so good Yankees acquired.

Real Madrid Barcelona is a membership-based club, to buy people's money could be borrowed for, anyway, not the President pocket to buy people think twice before spending a lot less natural.

Arsenal was built stadium debts, business is still good.

Chelsea Manchester City are wealthy acquired the beginning will definitely buy a star or the power to send players to spend money extravagantly, naturally there will be a lot of debt, but are owed their own boss, the boss's word was no more. Being acquired, they naturally have to change the business operations, but Manchester United can not be achieved within a short-term level. Chelsea CEO Peter Kenyon the former Manchester United (now also been dismissed) staged a few years later, has been a lot better.
wdwood2010-02-25 22:51:22 +0000 #3
economic crisis and Bai ... ...
feliswong2010-02-25 23:24:04 +0000 #4
different, because the major shareholder of Manchester United by the Fraser family, has been toting the huge debt burden, and now Fraser each year from Manchester United earned him a net income of All swaps are also knowledge of drop in the bucket.

Real Madrid is Spain's Santander bank loans as a result of debt to buy players like Kaka, C Luo transfer fee which is not an astronomical figure, relying on its own profit and the club membership fee is far from enough.
wh8709182010-02-25 23:11:35 +0000 #5
operation of large corporations have to liquidity, they are fully capable to pay off, but each business must be credit, ensure that there are adequate financial flows, which is money to make money. The more powerful the more sections of bank loans, the more indebted to his strategy.
pntk02222010-02-26 00:19:07 +0000 #6
normal ah! As the mode of operation of these giants is to rely on their own brands to the sponsorship, do loan money to buy big-name players astronomical. Burnt out by those with money to the sponsorship of players to continue to spend money other people spend their own money than comfortable. Then a few seasons to recover costs.

Do you think the club is very big money? Then you are wrong! Homer implies that you see all the things that are the most expensive! But you can not see is not necessarily a!
Peak Costa said something2010-02-25 23:01:21 +0000 #7
Noble spending big ah
Race La Feinuo2010-02-26 00:01:30 +0000 #8
on the second floor to say right

But now Europe where all the five major league clubs almost every debt it bluntly, they are the club chairman or owner of the play capital, they do not expect the club could be profitable or not a loss, as Glazer bought the club, he is a liability to buy his aim is nothing more in the future expect Manchester United continue to appreciate the value of assets are resold after the club's chairman and majority shareholders prevail in the same purpose, there are other factors, such as Abu business operations running the club Chelsea is a private company because of political factors, the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, Manchester City is to the purpose of many types of advertising in the final analysis anyway, they are capitalists do not care liabilities The number of
【】 〓 № ¤ ぁ2010-02-26 02:13:34 +0000 #9
wages ah

travel expenses, travel

play Niu Fei
ghw52172010-02-25 23:33:52 +0000 #10
doing business abroad, those bosses are fine, and say that they are also holding companies are generally not more than 10 at once advanced to a million, so they tend to use the time to buy the club the way to the bank loans to finance, then buy this way, the debt to the bank, and to the United States these companies are generally only for the make money before we buy, and buy the club after the business process, such as Manchester United, either sell C. Luo, and even bank interest is not enough, they tend to operate in a few years u, grooming them for sale, from making taking the difference, of course, in the process, they also promote their own brands.



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