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【Help】 come to see us on the pop idol

九十二七2010-03-25 15:10:45 +0000 #1
I am a third year girl who is a fan of Yi Jianlian, he started to pay attention the high 1:00

I felt he was polite and gentle humility, and the patriotic and practical prudence and good heart have I never take credit for appreciate the character of all time, every day concerned about his press felt boring high school life has been Bentou they want to go abroad to make greater efforts to learn why the United States, particularly in English every day had a very full so long to learn that a little knowledge of very happy because I have the possibility to go abroad from the addition of some of my dreams is a step closer every time my English class in the first three results are pre-20 class (grade pre-50) with this rank on a No problem, then the dream is on a good university and then to the United States GRE test day, although it is very hard as well as failures are painful but I had hoped that the only objective is to enrich their own dream come true

But then as easy to focus in depth on all the began to change I found is too easy to silence journalists face a number of good questions I do not know his attitude was unwilling to answer or short-toed high gas Aung people feel very impatient and sometimes even the face of fans and outlook also appears to lukewarm or cool (It has been reported to ignore the sidelines when he was warming up before the game two small fans shouted themselves hoarse cries of only self-serving shots) may also have exaggerated media reports and fictional, but I have felt that gentle old Yi Jianlian missing only impatience and indifference

said so much and I do not know if anyone have similar experiences or feelings, I think I do now, whether psychological or otherwise really need a spiritual sustenance to a humble and polite, gentle, truly admirable star Yi Jianlian had been but now I need a new sustenance

hope someone can understand what I mean give me some suggestions

Note: The film and entertainment stars, except that the ancients had better not be too fleeting and so and so great that a


饼干老熊2010-03-25 15:12:30 +0000 #2
所谓人无完people, Yi Jianlian is indeed more boring character, and the media also appears to not deal with sophisticated, state of mind is not too mature, but what really caught his saliva or the performance on the pitch: 3 years, he did not play to his expectations, to play a is also unstable. Strength is not compliance to enlarge the other shortcomings, the dispute led to his suffering. The characteristics of the media and public opinion is the greatest player golf course according to appraise the performance, but for the fans is concerned, he was one of the players support and market players will not change the performance of the ups and downs, it will not too much influenced by the media and the the impact of public opinion. A player who has a fan there are always some attractive qualities. Of Yi Jianlian, he does have some valuable qualities, such as his attitude towards competition and training very seriously; For example, despite his ability to learn in general, but also always trying to improve, self-motivated is also very strong; For example, if you had already said he does have a relatively mild character. For a truly sophisticated in terms of fans and fan of their own independent choice, he would be from the heart to hope and of concern to the players grow together, rather than idols to look at when the saints; even if the lack of understanding of the players will feel in the player When at the bottom to show more tolerance and support, rather than by public opinion influence easily degenerate into the fence. The real fans will always be valuable, Bryant and Iverson now has a lot of fans, but if they were suddenly made a big mistake after the sharp fall in the level of the first hurdle, now, how many people still support them? Hope LZ can become a real fan.

PS: Yi Jianlian's physical condition is still pretty good, only played three years of nba, room for growth has not yet disappeared, defense improved, the data also improved. Despite the generally perceptive, but if the hang of a sudden one day, saying that 15 is also too early to +8 is just wishful thinking.
Bryant disciple2010-03-25 15:25:21 +0000 #3
Phoenix's Steve Nash, this guy and your age or less (also teenage), modest and humble, gentle. But also keen to charity



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