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Chile's new Umbro jersey Farid182010-05-14 14:22
On March 10, Chile also came out with their new national jersey, which is made by Umbro. I think I
Improving gambine2010-05-14 14:45
Canada is improving in international football. Winning the gold cup was a great accomplishment. To
NT's home field? gambine2010-05-14 13:58
I think the home field should be in Edmonton, at Commonwealth Stadium. It's a nice stadium that act
Loss to Honduras gambine2010-05-14 15:27
Oh man we lost 2-0 to Honduras in Olympic qualifying. How humiliating. http://forums.soccerfansnet
Why ?!?!?! Mihajloviç2010-05-14 14:59
Why do you guys hate Yugoslavia that much ? And why do you favourize Canada so much ?
BAd blood between Bolivia and Col. gambine2010-05-14 13:26
In a scrappy match, where a linesman was hit by something thrown for the crowd, the teams played to
Canada vs US gambine2010-05-14 16:35
The game is on as I am posting. It's 0-0 at about the 60th minute. US got a red card! Come on Can
A great speech... gambine2010-05-14 18:07
Credit goes to Joe Canadian Hey, I
You BETTER.... gambine2010-05-14 15:34
post on this forum Lato. I'm waiting.....
Radzinski to Bayern gambine2010-05-14 14:29
Radzinski who currently makes his living in the Belgian league has been linked to Bayern. Apparentl
World Cup 2002 will we get there? gambine2010-05-14 15:15
I think we will. We've been doing well as of late, and I think we're going to get there. We're not
WC Qualifying Lato2010-05-14 14:53
We beat Cuba 1-0 in Cuba over the week-end. We next play Cuba in Winnipeg (the mecca of football). I
Welcome Baddboy! gambine2010-05-14 15:14
I noticed that you are Canadian as well.
Surprise winners of the gold cup? gambine2010-05-14 13:54
No surprise here, Lato and myself knew it would happen all along
The future gambine2010-05-14 14:01
Alvaro Recoba could be the building block for a very good team for Uruguay in the future. If they b
Canada vs Cuba gambine2010-05-14 12:55
With a win over Cuba, we can advance to the semi finals of WC qualifying. I think our boys can do i
Youth Program gambine2010-05-14 15:33
It is a little known fact that more kids are enrolled in soccer programs than in hockey programs in
FIFA rankings Lato2010-05-14 13:12
In the monthly bullshi* rankings we have moved up to #55. The reason why they are bull is because Br
World Cup Lato2010-05-14 15:29
Let's turn our attention to qualifying for WC02. What do you guys think are our chances. I think the
Tough start........ Lato2010-05-14 13:35
We lost 2-0 against T&T. It's gonna be a tough road.
Almost done! Lato2010-05-14 12:56
With our tie against Panama we must beat Mexico in our next game to give ourselves any chance. Forge
Forget the WC gambine2010-05-14 13:17
Another loss to Mexico 2-0, our hopes are shot. I
who is castigio? CHOUTOS2010-05-14 12:56
Do you know anything about the 16 years old castigio who signed for olympiakos?
Match tickets Wanted Kermit2010-05-14 12:20
Greetings fellow football fans. I am a collector of football tickets from games that Scotland have p
Guaranteed WC Spot gambine2010-05-14 14:50
I think Mexico is almost guaranteed a spot in the world cup from now on. With CONCACAF getting thre
Universidad de Chile soccer jersey Pennylite2010-05-14 12:21
Does anyone know where I may find a Universidad de Chile blue with white and red soccer jersey to pu
De La Cruz robbiehibee2010-05-14 14:17
Anyone know anything about him? He is moving to my team Hibs.
That Castillo... Erik W.2010-05-14 15:10
Iván Castillo. Where the heck is he playing? Some years ago a Norwegian paper had an article abo
I Need Help For United States - Honduras PASCAL2010-05-14 13:35
Hello, I am writing from Belgium. I need your precious collaboration for my hobby. I collect the
all subbuteo in cd rom donald2010-05-14 14:44
Hello Subbuteo's fans !! "All subbuteo in cd rom" is the first electronic catalogue “All s
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