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-ROBINHO-II-2010-05-12 10:35:56 +0000 #1
hi, this is my first post but iv bin reading fot a while now.

im 15 and i watch brazilian football on 4 and 5 weneva it is on an i have seen some santos matches and i believe that robinho will be a future world player of the year and may win it a fair few times. i am a very similar player to him in my stlye of play but nt in ability (altho im nt far off, haha)

i was wonderin if any had any vids of him playin as i am havin trouble finding any
Leon of Silvren2010-05-12 10:42:40 +0000 #2
Hey welcome to the board, I hope you become a regular member.

I do have videos of him, I downloaded them from Kazaa though, so I don't know if I'm being so much help here.....

And agreed with you about the awards, he'll definitely be at top in a couple of years -hopefully in Real -



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