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Rumours about striker coming to germany

DoToHoMainz2010-05-12 07:51:53 +0000 #1

Hope this rumour isnt too difficulot to solve for you guys.

We've heard in the news for the last few days that a brasil Striker size 1,90 cm age 23 could soon come to Mainz 05 in the German Bundesliga. He is said to have scored 10 goals for his "regional first league club". Since im not familiar with brasil soccer im not real sure which league/player this could be...

A guess would have been Romulo!?

Any guesses or comments from Brasil insiders would be cool as our GManager is very close mouthed about new signings and the Mainz forum is totally clueless.

Cheers from Germany

DoToHoMainz2010-05-12 08:03:04 +0000 #2
just as an update our local media has outed the player to be Romulo Antoneli from Ituana

Anybody whos got some info for us on this guy?


Christian aka PNedved (mainz05 forum)



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