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Who was the best in 90`s

Sr.Enciclopédia2010-05-12 08:00:29 +0000 #1
In my opinion,the soccer player Raí was the best in 90`s
Sr.Enciclopédia2010-05-12 08:13:57 +0000 #2
Don`t have doubts abouts this:

-brazilian champions-(1991)

-three time São Paulo state championship(1991,1992,1998)

- world clubs champion by São Paulo

- two time taça libertadores da América champions(1992,1993)

-Teresa Herrera(1992)

-Ramon de Carranza(1992)

-French champion-(1994)

-Coupe du France by PSG(1995)

-European Re-cup(1996)

-World cup 94(of course by Brazil)

- Prizes-


the best soccer player of Americas in 1992

Other Informations

- second place in Brazilian Champion in 1990

-second place in America Cup in 1991

-second place in Brazil cup in 2000

-third place in brazilian championship in 1999

-São Paulo state champion in 1987,1989 and 2000



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