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FIFA World Cup Germany

Sh_Brazil2010-05-12 15:20:36 +0000 #1
Does Brazil have the chance to win this world cup 2006 yes or no ?

I think Brazil will win it because now no body can defeat them

that's if they didn't have the chance , brazil now it the king of soccer , well

Luiz Felipe Scolari says Brazil not only managed to lift the first FIFA World Cup of the century .

I think brazil well rock World cup 2006 !!!!!

Just think about this question :

Is brazil the owner of the world cup 2006 Germany ?
ahmed2010-05-12 15:25:06 +0000 #2

MAy BE RONALDO, RIVALDO, and the others get killed because of a plane crash
soccer fanatic2010-05-12 15:42:39 +0000 #3
Brazil will always be a favourite, but it is a bit early too tell, a lot can happen in 4 years time.
gnlvagosov2010-05-12 16:32:06 +0000 #4
No chance!!! Lebanon will win the WC

Sh_Brazil2010-05-12 15:34:50 +0000 #5
First of all , i don't think that Ronaldo , Rivaldo will die never and if you say that , one other time ill never speak to you ahmed and Libane never will win LOL tell him to Try to beat Iraq and then well see if they win the world cup .... We will win it , we are the dream team , we are the best soooo please don't dream and i am not insulting you !!!! That's the truth and every body knows that !!!! DON"T DREAM PLEASE
ahmed2010-05-12 16:58:51 +0000 #6

Originally posted by gnlvagosov

No chance!!! Lebanon will win the WC

yeah they will beat Italy 10-0 with an own goal ( TOTTINA MERDA )
Sh_Brazil2010-05-12 17:45:04 +0000 #7
I think Iraq will be the next champion she will beat every body !!!! what ,, i think Inshalah .
ItalianBoy2010-05-12 16:14:59 +0000 #8
This Sh Brazil is really nuts.



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