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Best Stadium in Brazil

SaoTaffarel2010-05-12 19:48:21 +0000 #1
I have always liked the Mineirao from a distance (would love to go one day) and Serra Dourada in Goiania is perhaps the most modern. I have been to the Maracana, Sao Januario, Aflitos and Arruda. Views please?
gnlvagosov2010-05-12 19:56:36 +0000 #2
Never been to one.. but IMO Maracana is the best
barça2010-05-12 19:57:12 +0000 #3
I have been only to few to offer a good opinion.

I saw Vasco win the Championship in Maracana against Palmeiras and it was incredible to see the whole stadium in white flags with the drum beat resounding everywhere. It was made better by the fact that Vasco won (only because it was the home team nothing against Palmeiras). Edmundo as their best player.

I have been to Morumbi a couple of times, and I liked it but it was nothing like Maracana. I saw Boca beat Palmeiras there for the Libertadores cup and it was not that much fun.

And others, but they were smaller games and the crowds were also small, so I woould say that the best game I have been to in Brail was the one in Maracana.

I know that I will be going to more games.
Rigalt2010-05-12 20:54:21 +0000 #4
Well Best Stadium is dificult to define, so let me say what I think:

1- The most modern is The Arena da Baixada from Atletico PR in Curitiba, not so big (maybe 30000) and not all ready yet but very beatiful and modern. But I never saw a game there, so I just now from theTV and from talking to other people.

2- The Marcana - this is the most Kult stadion in Brasil - I like it a lot and a full Maracana is wonderful, and people are able tod o a lot of noise because of the roof....

3- My Best - I have to say that for me the best is Estadio Olimpico Monumental in Porto Alegre (nowadays for 60000). Of course my club Gremio plays there and so I always feel well there. But in fact is a nice stadion, good to see the game and in the middle of the city.

4- The best in Sao Paulo. That is by far Pacaembu. The best location and the best to see the game (you stay close to the players).Specialy if you get an important game for Corinthians and their fans are excited. Morumbi is too big and you need a derby to get good noise there from the crowd.....

5- Mineirao is also nice and the Atletico -MG fan are very good.

6- Serra Dourado I never liked so much, but I never saw a game there also.

7- Another kult stadion, almost like a ruin but nice to see a game in it (if you are not fan from the away team) is Vila Belmiro in Santos. It is like a building in the middle of the city with a long history..




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