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smark2010-05-12 17:50:47 +0000 #1
Hey people this is my first thread but i wanted to let people know about an online manager style game that maybe you would sign up for maybe not.

Its called Pinkball, its only about 4 months old but is already getting a strong base, pretty much you manage your team and there is matches every few days, a good thing about the game is, it allows you to make changes while a match is happening, so say you are up by a goal and you want to bring another Defender in you can do that on the fly.

Canada is starting to get a decent amount of players coming in but we can always use more guys.

Like i said there is a good group of players who have started and for the most part a couple of us are online at all times willing to lend help to you if you need it.

Yes that link is a referral one, if you use it or the other link i supplied it doesnt really matter to me, i am just trying to spread a good game to more people and hey if i happen to get a few people signed up through the first link cool, the money you get for it doesnt really matter all that much to me. Hope people will sign up and try out this game.



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