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Future Competitions & Hopes for Canada

det_mack_taylor2010-05-12 20:36:47 +0000 #1
What are Canada's chances for the next Gold Cup or WC qualifying? What can Canada do to build towards those future events? like wc2010 and the next Gold Cup (in 2007, right?)
Joe MacCarthy2010-05-12 20:42:26 +0000 #2
The senior men's program has been in a period of decline since 86 with the occasional spike (Gold Cups 2000/2002) although the quality and depth of the player pool has increased significantly since 2002.

The last WCQ was a disaster with initial poor player selection, scandalous reffing decisions and a seeming lack of heart.

Oddly enough after WCQ whenever our "B" team played (without most of the big stars) they played well with much heart.

One thing I like about our team is that they are seldom intimidated; almost every game we play is an away game. We have become used to the appalling conditions in Central America etc.

No one can tell me that we can't get back to the days when we were a player in Concacaf. Line up our best against anybody and we can win. If we had ten games against any Concacaf opponent I think we could beat everybody except the US, and Mexico and be close with Costa Rica.

And we don't fear either US or Mexico (who are very average away from Azteca).

The program has to find a way to get some respect and get the top players together all the time. The only time I can recall us doing this was the first two games against Belize in WCQ. It is rare.

Under the Yallop regime there seemed a lack of mental discipline (early, late goals conceded). This seems to have been remedied lately and things are looking better. Unfortunately it looks like our January friendly against the US will be another "B" affair.

It is getting to the point where we can field a competitive team even if we have injuries and no shows. We're getting there.



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