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The 2010 CONMEBOL girls

~zero_signal~2010-05-12 23:19:19 +0000 #1
What if the 10 CONMEBOL NTs were girls?

Single women, perhaps, looking for a certain type of guy, money, power, peace, happiness or trouble?

I did this for a bit of fun during a boring game of indoor footy! It's based on the 2010 WC qualifiers in the CONMEBOL zone.

#10 Peru

Hasn't had much luck in finding the right guy, and has been through a string of terrible relationships. Smart and quite pretty, but her self esteem has taken a beating and it shows in her body language. Needs a fresh start and a half decent guy wouldn't be bad either. This girl is nice, likes a stimulating conversation and needs a guy with values and some interesting general knowledge to 'move on' with.

#9 Bolivia

Has faired marginally better in short relationships in recent times than her Peruvian neighbour, but is tired of dating losers. Seems to prefer the comfort of her home when getting to know a guy, mainly because it means that she's in more control. Wants something with more long-term potential, but needs to re-energize and re-assess where she's at in life. Looking for a fresh start too? When she's ready, this cute gal might be for you.

#8 Colombia

Has stunning looks and she knows it. Seems to lead guys on a bit. Gets them interested, loves to tease, and just when they think she's serious long-term material, she pulls the plug and crushes their hopes. Are you man enough to play her game and see where it takes you?

#7 Venezuela

Honest, level-headed and fine-looking. Isn't as experienced as her friends when it comes to relationships, but is confident and knows what she wants. She's also a quick learner and is slowly becoming more selective. Is looking to go steady.

#6 Uruguay

This gal is experienced, confident, sharp and fairly attractive, but can't seem to stop talking about her past and how great her old relationships were. Just when guys seem to be getting to know her, or when a relationship looks in trouble, she brings up her old boyfriends. Seems to want to experience those distant feelings again. Could be a gamble. Might not be worth the trouble, or could be worth it in the end.

#5 Argentina

Always used to come across as quite arrogant, but her recent failed attempts at happiness have brought her back down to earth. For how long, who knows? Busty and opinionated, she has a lot of qualities that many guys find attractive, but she can be hard to please. Still, she's desperate and wants a guy to bring her out of her current mysery.

#4 Ecuador

Sexy, highly energetic and a bit of a cougar, she's in her comfort zone when she's at home with her date or potential boyfriend. This way, she can set the rules, "rough them up a bit" and get what she wants, whatever that may be. Young and inexperienced? She could show you the ropes, but if you're passive and too shy, enter at own risk.

#3 Chile

Quite young, good-looking and witty, she has a thing for the 'rough' crowd and for the 'rockstar' type of guys, but can handle them with ease and much better than her two older sisters. A bit of a 'lost soul', she's in search of 'the right path', but it's clouded and it seems like she doesn't quite know how to get there. Nice, humorous and laid-back guys, where are you?

#2 Paraguay

Elegant and quite smart, this girl has high standards when it comes to guys. Reasonably experienced, she understands the 'dating game' quite well. Don't try and breach her 'defenses' lazily and without trying. Are you confident, reasonably smart and financially stable? This lady could be a good match.

#1 Brazil

The girl next door or the one that you've always known. Beautiful and confident, but also caring and sincere, she's always been there as a friend when other girls 'broke your heart', lead you on or simply weren't right for you. Loves to joke and make you laugh. Do you have the guts to see if she'll give you a chance? Or is there another one out there you simply can't ignore?

© ~zero_signal~ publications 2009. If intending on reproducing this work or transferring it to another medium, ask for permission and cite its owner.

Calif2010-05-12 23:24:58 +0000 #2
...Nice man you had a lot of time on your hands to come up with that list..
~zero_signal~2010-05-12 23:56:07 +0000 #3
Long story short, I twisted my ankle in the first few minutes of an indoor football (soccer) game, and missed most of it which was about 35-40 minutes. Writing comes easy to Zero, man! I do it for shits and giggles . Me entretengo pallasiando un poco.
Calif2010-05-12 23:51:14 +0000 #4
***k that something funny happened to me today was the first game of the new season with my team..I was so excited about the new season and played for a good 15 minutes or so and during that time I got a yellow card for a bad tackle like 5 minutes into the game...then minutes after I scored a goal tooked my jersey off and got a second yellow card and I was out of the game...what a bummer..
~zero_signal~2010-05-12 23:51:17 +0000 #5
That sucks. What position do you play? I played here at a state level for 4 years, but this was ages ago, like earlier in the decade. Good food, uni, music and life in general got in the way, and I stopped playing.
Calif2010-05-13 00:21:52 +0000 #6
My favorite and natural position is as a Playmaker bro...but the ***ken coach doesn't really likes using a playmaker so usually I play wherever he wants me as long as is past the Midfield, But usually if I start a game as a Midfielder I would sooner or later end up playing up front.. I've been playing since I was like 10 years old man I started playing in Chivas youth system dude...but then things changed and had to come back to the states and shit, played all through out high school, Then also played in college for 1 season only, But it has been fun to play in a lot of tournaments....shit good times man..
~zero_signal~2010-05-13 00:05:42 +0000 #7
Calif, the playmaker

Nice. They sound like good times. I played in every position over a 5 year period at a state level and for my HS. Total football, man. I played as a forward for 2-3 years, and scored goals all the time. It was probably one of the easiest positions to play. As a SM or AM, it was even easier, because you had more control over a certain part of the game.

I found that the hardest positions were as a DM and CB, although DM was probably the hardest just for the amount of ground you have to cover and the general 'clean up' role. Also, it's funny when you hear people say that CBs need to be tall and strong. I'm between 178-180cm, well built and never had a problem as a CB.
Chileno2010-05-13 00:23:14 +0000 #8
Ha! You have a lot of time in your hands...this thread is missing the chick photos...



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