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Guatemala vs. the U.S.

Dutchfan2010-05-13 14:24:56 +0000 #1
Just finished watching the U.S. play at Guatemala a few minutes ago. Man that match sucked! As I predicted, Guatemala was up to its usual "tricks" near the end of the match, just about every time a U.S. player got near they'd crumple, or fall down and hold their face, trying to get the referee to give the U.S. players a yellow or possibly a red card. Man, I can't stand dem cheaters! 0 - 0 was the final score. Against a young, already-qualified-for-the-World-Cup U.S. team, Guatemala could do almost nothing. They DID hit the post in the waning moments, which was unfortunate for them, but in truth, the U.S. had PLENTY of chances before that to go up and they couldn't do it. Whoever was trying to make the team as a striker (goal scorer) for next year better keep working 'cause tonight, they all sucked! But the U.S. got a draw (not that it really mattered from their standpoint) and since México beat the hell out of Panamá, those two teams are now tied at the top of the CONCACAF table. I predicted a while back that the U.S. would beat México in the qualifier in the U.S. and that México would win the group because México did something that I don't think the U.S., especially with the young lineup it is no doubt going to start against them, is going to be able to do: beat Costa Rica in Costa Rica. That's the U.S.'s next qualifier, and it's next month. No matter. The U.S. is already in, along with México, so the hard work is done! Now they have to prepare for next summer to see if there's any way they can improve on their quarterfinal finish they had in 2002!

roggie152010-05-13 14:40:17 +0000 #2
I didn't see this game, but I heard Bruce Arena was going to try out some younger players. Does anyone know if Jeff Cunningham played? Or just what the roster was I suppose...



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