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Real Madrid to visit USA in July!

roggie152010-05-13 18:11:08 +0000 #1
I just heard about this today, but it sounds like Real Madrid is comming the the US in July for a 2 game tour. They will be playing CD Guadalajara in Chicago on the 16th and the LA Galaxy in LA on the 18th. It also sounds like Madrid will be bringing all/most of their stars!


Butragueño insisted that Real will bring their full complement of stars, which includes the likes of David Beckham, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Raul and Michael Owen.

Here's a link to the article about it!:

Ese_Guy2010-05-13 18:24:44 +0000 #2
I'll be going to the HDC tommorrow in order to get my tickets.

I don't really like the ticket package deal though - you need to buy a Galaxy match ticket for a different game so that you can buy one for this game.

While I would mind going to any Galaxy game, I have a few friends that only want to go to see Real Madrid. While it probably will sellout, having to buy the package will deter many.
roggie152010-05-13 18:24:35 +0000 #3
You're lucky! I wish I could go to the one in Chicago, but I have to go to a birthday party that day ... Curse you friends and your birthdays!!!
vanzeppelin19842010-05-13 19:03:33 +0000 #4
IM GOIN WHEN THEY PLAY AT THE HDC im drivin down from Nor Cal on saturday to see the galaxy play civas then sunday im goin to a baseball game then monday im goin to see Real Madrid ITS GONNA BE AWSOME
Ese_Guy2010-05-13 19:55:05 +0000 #5

Sounds you'll have an awesome weekend!!

Have you purchased your tickets yet?

Welcome to the board, BTW!!
vanzeppelin19842010-05-13 19:18:02 +0000 #6
yea i have gotten my tix ill take pictures and post when im bak
Ese_Guy2010-05-13 19:14:56 +0000 #7
So far I've missed out on these tickets.

We keep having misunderstandings with who's getting the tickets .
roggie152010-05-13 21:45:25 +0000 #8
Man you better hurry, its comming up! Aren't you worried it'd sell out?



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