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Welcome Baddboy!

gambine2010-05-14 15:14:17 +0000 #1
I noticed that you are Canadian as well.

Good to have you here.

What do you think of our improvement lately? I think we can qualify for WC2002. Even if we don't beat Mexico or the States, we can get the third spot.

Lato2010-05-14 15:27:47 +0000 #2
I just hope we have not used all of our luck in the Gold Cup. I still will not be easy. Honduras has a decent team, same with T&T. I know we just beat them two games in a row, but they used their B team. A couple good games by Yorke, and we could be done. Although i do have hope because of Holger. He seems to be taking the team on the right path. It will be interesting.

Hey, will we have qualifing games in Canada? Specifically Toronto? I would go see those!
gambine2010-05-14 15:45:20 +0000 #3
Good to see ya back bro

I'm not sure about the games in Toronto, I heard a while back that they were only gonna play in Edmonton. They say the only field in T.O. is Varsity, and that's already pretty sh it.

If they play here we should go, tickets would probably be 5 bucks or so.
Mihajloviç2010-05-14 15:55:22 +0000 #4
I would go with you guys,dressed up in Yugo uniform and carrying a Yugoslav flag , and probably end up in the hospital.

gambine2010-05-14 16:58:49 +0000 #5
yeah, but if Canada was playing Honduras, wouldn't you cheer for us?
Mihajloviç2010-05-14 15:42:38 +0000 #6
If Canada was playing Croatia or Bosnia , I would cheer for Canada.
Delija2010-05-14 15:58:06 +0000 #7
Good one.


Who is better?
gambine2010-05-14 18:31:14 +0000 #8
Well Miha, all I can say is that it's too bad you don't have more respect for the place you live in. Canada didn't lead the fight against Yugo. You know how politics works, if the US goes, so goes Canada. Canada doesn't have the strength to go it alone, or oppose the States. IT may suck, but that's life and I think you know that.



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