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gambine2010-05-14 14:45:30 +0000 #1
Canada is improving in international football. Winning the gold cup was a great accomplishment. To win the gold cup, having beaten both Mexico and Colombia along the way is fantastic.

We can be the third nation from CONCACAF to qualify for the world cup. Why not? Helger Osieck has done a lot since he came over.

I think his experience has been so good for the NT, something that Lenarduzzi lacked. I think Bobby was a good coach, who wanted to succeed, but just wasn't experienced enough to lead the team to any successes. Osieck seems much more strict and disciplined, and we actually play better. Instead of ALWAYS playing the long ball we actually try to keep possesion and work the ball up.

Most important, I think Osieck will continue to cleanse the team of that crappy English style of play, and work more on technique and a better overall play.

I know I'm not the only Canuck here, what do you guys think?



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