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iraq vs saudia arabia

lilhamza1232010-04-27 20:22:00 +0000 #1
which team do u think is better iraq or saudia even if iraq 1 do u think when they 1 that was a lucky win or was it just team sprit. reply back

Video From YouTube:(link)
lilhamza1232010-04-27 20:28:26 +0000 #2
thats a good ppost i really dont no its really hard i think it was lucky.
emode2010-04-27 20:31:39 +0000 #3
Overall based on history Saudi Arabia is a better team but right now the current Iraqi team is better in spirit and performance too. I mean they don't have world class players and didn't have much time practicing as a team but they pull thru. Amazing and really a class of its own!!
Souhaib2010-04-27 21:34:35 +0000 #4
To adjust for Iraq



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