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Ahli Jeddah official claims referee bias!!!

Predator1012010-04-27 18:41:51 +0000 #1

Ahli Jeddah board member Mohamed El-Sheikh hit out at the referee after his side was handed a controversial 3-2 defeat to Hilal on Thursday.

"Hilal are a strong team and don't need any help from the referees every match to win," El-Sheikh told Saudi Arabia Sports Channel after the match.

The Referee made several controversial decisions throughout the match as he sent-off Ahli duo Ali Al-Abdali and Khaled Badra as well as denying the Jeddah giants a clear penalty in the dying minutes.

"Hilal fans know very well that their team wins with the aid of referees but the majority of them don't like this," El-Sheikh said.

"The referees' bias doesn't benefit Hilal because they win many matches improperly, so when they take part in an external competition their real performance appear.

"The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) dissolved the refereeing committee after the controversial incidents that happened in Hilal's clash against Nassr, what would they do after the horrible mistakes against my team?"

Hilal are in charge of the league table with 27 points, while Ahli lie fifth on 14 points.

Yet another bad Referee ... Now they definatly gonna by Europian Referees for these kind of matches since AL-Hilal is always under the scope because it is the most sucessful team in Saudi the past 20 years.



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