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(WCQ) Saudi Arabia 2-1 Iran fob2010-04-27 13:48
Saudi Arabia has proven that they are better than Iran.
Ali Daie to coch Jordan team maybe Jordan4life2010-04-27 13:24
Hello Iran friends. my name is Malek 38 from Amman, Jordan. want to say maybe jordan football t
Is Ali Daei the best Asian striker of all time? xcv2010-04-27 18:54
Do you believe Ali Daei is the best Asian striker of all time?
Footstar Iran blazer1002010-04-27 17:16
Hi guys! There is a really interesting internet football game where you can develop your player
Iranian Football SiN2010-04-27 15:37
The Iranian Ali Karimi (29) is back at home. The ex striker of Bayern Munchen (played with the Germ
Azadi Stadium Music? tylerbesiktas2010-04-27 16:41
Hey i am curious to know what this song is that is played before the match h
Valery vkunians2010-04-27 10:51
Dear sirs! My name is Valery. I live in Odessa. It is city is in Ukraine. I work as the coach at
Why Beckham isn't going to J-league?? only1231232010-04-27 10:50
Beckham is going to MLS rather than J-league. Reason why Beckham chose to go to MLS is because
Takayuki Morimoto: the new japanese soccer star umbe842010-04-27 11:50
Hello, I write from Italy, I’ve created a website who speak about Takayuki Morimoto, the new star
Masami Ihara footyfan842010-04-27 14:52
Masami Ihara Memoribilia
Beckham is not going to J-league only1231232010-04-27 10:27
Even I would go to MLS than J-league. Girls in the US are much more gorgeous than Japan and the US
I saw Nakamura playing for Celtics lately only1231232010-04-27 10:19
To conclude, he is totally a joke. he makes me sigh. He is slow and physically too weak. Many
Japan actually sucks at football krazy_arcade2010-04-27 12:49
I think they will not participate in World Cup in 2010 and 2014
Inamoto SiN2010-04-27 10:22
Well Inamoto has left Galatasaray after spending a good one season there. I think he played well and
Ultras/Suporters groups SEBUK2010-04-27 11:57
I've heard and seen videos of the Urawa Reds, who are great. What are the other groups in Japan? w
squad list judicatormd2010-04-27 11:17
hey toke, you got the squad list for your team for ac? preferably one with where all the players pla
Saudi Arabia trashed Japan krazy_arcade2010-04-27 09:27
Japan used to beat the heck out of Japan all the time. But surprisingly, Japan got trashed and sma
Akihiro Hayashi Trugoy The Dove2010-04-27 09:54
Hi, new to the board, so go easy on me! I'm from Scotland and was really impressed by the Japan
Japan 2-3 Saudi Arabia johncena2010-04-27 09:29
Saudi Arabia schooled Japan. Japan deserved to go out! Saudi Arabia was far better team. I gu
J-League is the most exciting league outside Europe schadenfreude2010-04-27 15:44
I routinely watch highlights of J-League soccer on Fox Soccer Channel (Gambare!) and am always enter
Is there anyway of watching the j-league xfiddyx2010-04-27 14:11
Does anybody know where i can watch highlights of the j league. I have found clips on youtube but th
Ivica Osim Wakarahen2010-04-27 09:11
I was shocked to read today about the illness of Ivica Osim. Apparently he has suffered a serious st
Hidetoshi Nakata in Mongolia hideforever2010-04-27 09:26
Nakata has been spotted in the remote country of Mongolia: Mongolia Web: Football star from Japan v
Name any decent players in J-league only1231232010-04-27 09:03
Please name one. I know Nakamura and Inamoto but they all play in Europe.
Japanese coach is replaced to a domestic coach soccerexpert2010-04-27 12:09
I can feel the beginning of the end of Japanese football.
China urges calm in 'gyoza' scare only1231232010-04-27 11:25
China urges calm in 'gyoza' scare Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at 05:00 EST BEIJING — The C
Japan 3-0 Bosnia soccerexpert2010-04-27 10:42
Japan won!
Okada is better than Osim. krazy_arcade2010-04-27 11:59
Okada is a fine coach.
Live Streaming of Asian Football mastap1502010-04-27 11:06
Hi guys, Just to let you know that there's a new website dedictaed to live streaming of asian f Looking for Scouts in JAPAN hgun772010-04-27 09:04
My name is YUMI and I work for (
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