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I was practicing throwing, shot two, and cultural sub-okay, what can be admitted to Beijing Sport Un Niechao1002010-04-25 05:46
How to increase speed of 50 meters - Jun Lin Cheng2010-04-25 06:30
What shoes to wear girls 50-meter run not seen Autumn2010-04-25 03:25
as urgent question 10 seconds before I - -. March 20 in a rapid test on the test oh-line and other
Where is the best training in autism? Yuanlairuci002010-04-25 04:16
Solid ball and sit-ups Liu Chunxin2010-04-25 01:10
sports exam soon, but reported that items have not decided yet Well, my sit-ups a minute at most 30,
Physical examination candidates in the 800 meters and long jump should be how to practice? leagel_ Zheng2010-04-25 01:10
Testing the last 800 meters is 3 minutes 42 seconds, standing long jump is 1.78 meters. If you want
How to improve your running speed within a short time It a name no one with a hanging2010-04-24 17:10
April would test the 200 meters, 36s pass muster I would like 30 seconds to reach the end beca
First two days of practice Female Sports Wolf SELA2010-04-24 17:10
as long look at home, that fat, 156 cm high, weight is more than 50 of the ... ... leg strength is v
I am 15 years old 171cm, 200 米 30 Miaosuan slow? I can run free a lot worse than standing jump, ho 5193821692010-04-24 15:11
How to run 100m maozuhua1232010-04-24 14:10
I like a bit more of a jump when players run a spring and should be how to run? Thank the .....
No. What Purcell dipyridamole Zipper learning ability huanxumm2010-04-24 14:10
Solid ball and standing long jump. G_yihong2010-04-24 14:10
Solid ball and standing long jump. Which is easier to upgrade. I want to in the exam. Be focused o
Bicycle size height sylarfeng2010-04-24 14:10
height 195 weight 210 I have for my bike does What? Would like to ride to lose weight
How to train a long distance in a short jianfanchuan2010-04-24 13:12
Sports from the test only a month --- --- brothers and sisters help out there any tips on feeling ev
Women's 300 meters and 800 meters how to run? house house Ju Ju ah2010-04-24 11:12
Experience ......... do not seek official ......
Can you help me to count 1,000 grams of objects from a height of 20 meters 50 meters the speed of yo Jimmy God 12342010-04-24 10:11
08 Olympic athletes who posted what? FK_ in2010-04-24 08:10
Posted what? Is to prevent muscle injury? Or what? What is the name that ah!
50-year-old ordinary workers, in addition to do some manual labor, it can be done? Hello Macao years2010-04-24 08:10
In the big cities like Beijing, the 50-year-old ordinary migrant workers, in addition to do some man
No. 1666 Track and Field Long Distance Who liruining02010-04-24 07:10
How to improve the long jump hide _ Start2010-04-24 05:11
how to strengthen the standing long jump immediately tried to add sports - and the long jump sucks m
How to run 800m? Alan Tracy McGrady2010-04-24 05:11
I am a liberal arts, professional training is sports. April exam is necessary, and I were standing l
I want to buy speed bike priced at around 7-800. That a good brand. 89439732010-04-24 05:11
I opened a shop, 20 square, what about scooters and some toys, how much profit is zhch1357992010-04-24 05:11
Liangxiang that sell bicycle parts Yyx_3252010-04-24 05:10
is selling the chain transmission gear wheel hubs, etc. place.
How kind of speed training running speed? Cow A Angels2010-04-24 02:10
How to improve running speed like? Most people can got to the level of Bolt's Well?
I am disabled, how to increase my endurance py5243802682010-04-24 01:11
I am 20 years old, but my endurance has not been a very good, I ran a 5-meter jog on not run, and fa
How to improve arm strength K1246661952010-04-24 01:10
how to improve arm strength. And what time to train in asking how to best improve upper body strengt
School resumed training 8353824492010-04-23 22:10
training students last semester Long Distance half term, just one month after the holiday will come
First two days of simple objects force the issue, rush Little P 007 children version2010-04-23 22:10
force's role is not mutual? I to object exertion, I have my force on the object, how can an object m
Run 800 meters stomach ache problem ... ... Grape blue sea2010-04-23 20:12
girls sometimes finish the 800 meters is a stomach ache, note that the pain is not a stitch, not s
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