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a3281514842010-02-20 12:10:34 +0000 #1
I am 17 years old 100M12 seconds 400 meters in 59 seconds like to improve the results (I am not a sports Health) what specific practical way to do 30 minutes of exercise a day are now third year

there is the triple jump training methods! ! 1
897,077,2572010-02-20 12:21:37 +0000 #2
1, the annual plan target

First of all make it clear what the specific indicators of the absolute performance evaluation.

In the sprint items, the year results might update the magnitude of 100 meters in 0.5 seconds, 200 meters in 0.5

0.8 seconds, 400 meters in the 1-1.5 seconds, which is targeted at high-level athletes purposes. Junior high and high school players are pinning hopes even more greatly enhanced. Furthermore, as a relative evaluation, can be set in the race for the goal of the league table, and combined with the routine training to improve the training motivation to learn. Therefore, compared to relative evaluation, the absolute evaluation of the creation of a stronger sense of achievement.


in the sprint the project technical objectives, the technical capacity examination is very important. The so-called technical skills examination that is able to correctly analyze their own technology, and can use language to express them accurately. Such as: the objectives of the first half of the second half of the time how, or how the target time. First half of the technology, how to play or how the technical characteristics of the second half, they have to specifically and clearly listed.

(2), physical fitness goals

Body areas: height, weight, chest circumference, fat thickness, etc..

● forces: the grip strength, back muscle strength, leg muscle strength, flexibility, vertical jump speed of response.

● According to physical fitness, testing, medical examination results, set a specific target.

(3) tactical targets

● psychological aspects: strengthening mental training, to prevent play in big games abnormal.

● adjustment: through various rounds of the competition (pre-final) to gradually improve performance. In order to achieve the objectives of its preparatory activities match the content and the ratio should be reflected.

Clear the boundaries of the training period the composition of the annual training program is divided into: the preparation period, competition preparation period, competition period, the transitional period after the match (on the above reference to an annual training plan). The goal of the training period

① preparation period (hardening)

● As a general preparation phase, need to be fully improve their physique. ● a balanced development of strength, endurance, speed, technology. Training intensity not too large, but the amount of exercise should be great.

● theoretical learning, to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the training. Psychological preparation, the calm and composed during this period is very important to pay attention to training motivation to learn, in particular, 85 is the intrinsic motivation (such as the contents of interesting exercises, etc.).

Training environment is best not to always change (external conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, training equipment; internal conditions, such as coaches, training tools, methods, etc.).

● to conduct physical fitness test, medical examination, to grasp the status quo, to develop training embroidered standard.

② race preparation period (intensive training phase)

as a special preparation stage, the basis of a general physical training to improve entry of fitness. Speed, technology centers, increasing technical training. Exercise load by the amount of change into qualitative change. As a psychological preparation, conscious to avoid the burden of preparation played a counter-fatigue, improve the quality of the will to overcome difficulties, there is a growing number of targeted as opposed to real competition in terms of the psychological presentation. As the improvement of the environment, sports performance will rapidly increase, so close attention to focus on strengthening training, changes in the environment.

In the training of the late pre-competition, and actively take part in some competition is not very intense physical game. During this period, the results obtained in the future the game is very important.

③ contest period (to maintain, adjust the phase of)

to adjust a good athletic condition, and through training, to make it continue.

● During this period, the conditions in order to achieve the desired results, is gradually increasing training intensity, training, diversity of content and the appropriate number of competitions. The main purpose of this period is important to achieve good results in competitions. Used to participate in the period as a training tool in other games.

● in the game period of time the first half of the race, do not fear failure, than to accumulate experience and applies them to important matches, in order to achieve better results.

● As a technology an important factor, that is, under any circumstances be able to play solid athletic ability. Therefore, the ability to play to improve the competition. In the psychological state of 86, to eliminate the uncertainties, alleviate fatigue, with a strong self-confidence and desire to win, whatever the difficulties are not discouraged.

● arrangements for more than two days before the game not to complete rest.

The training period of the training programs

(1) preparation period training phase

... ... hardening muscle strength ... ... the greatest muscle strength (the greatest power play goal)

Durable ... ... speed endurance (number of ultra-distance speed endurance training)

Speed ... ... the speed of sustainability -) rhythm run (timed run)

the outbreak of ... ... instantaneous Power Training

July: rest period of

8 Month - October

Mon: strength training (based on a comprehensive process the contents of the table less the amount of training)

Tuesday: Endurance running 2400-3200 m

Wednesday: strength training with Monday

Thursday: Endurance running 2000-5000 m

Friday: Same as Mon-Sat: Closed

Sunday : Closed

[one-week training content ratio]

Strength Training - 3 days

Endurance Run - 2 days to rest - 2 days

winter training period (November-December)

Monday: Intermittent running 400

800 meters

Tuesday : Endurance Run 2000 - 4000 meters to Wednesday: Same as Monday

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: Same as Monday

Saturday: Jump Technology Sun: Closed

[one-week training content ratio of]

interval running - 3 days

Endurance Run - 2 days

jump Technology - 1 day to rest - 1 day to winter training period (January-February)

Monday: intermittent short distance running (50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m)

Tuesday: starting a short distance after the fast-running

Wed: intermittent short distance running (50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m)

Thursday: starting a short distance after the rapid run

Friday: Same as Monday

Week 6: varied pace Practice

Sunday: Closed

[one-week training content ratio]

short-distance interval running - 3 days to start fast after a short distance run - 2 days

varied pace Exercise - 1 day to rest -- 1 day to the spring training period

Monday: short-range quick run training

Tuesday: jump technology, starting after the sprint (using starting blocks)

Wednesday: Fast running exercise (100 m -200 m -400 m -200 m -100

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday,: stretching exercises and mild preparations

Saturday: Competition in long-term exercise training program, with the smallest unit of year implementation plan. twice a year, have a competitive high, so the training plan should be developed two-cycle scheme. If too many participate in the competition, will be too competitive state average, making game mediocre results, no major breakthrough. so in a targeted manner to participate in sports competitions, and in the training program is reflected in scheduling .

Monday: 1, muscle strength training: squat from 3-15 times / group X (7-10) group of

2, step dancing [15-20 Ci / group X (5-7) group of

3, bench press 3-15 times / group X (7

10) Unit

4, crook of the arm move 3-15 times / group X (5-7) group of

5, pulling weights 3-5 times / group X (5

7) Group

quick run: 150 m X (5-10) group (high leg lift a 20-meter jogging 20 meters, repeatedly)

Jogging: 20

30 minutes

Tuesday: 1, the outbreak of strength training: stride jump to Step 3 X10 -20 times

2,5 Step X10

20 times

3,10-step X10 "20 times to 4, using the rapid run tube resistance: 20 m X10-20 times (1 minute rest)

5, fast run: 150 meters X (5-10) group (or 100 meters, 200 meters steeplechase) 300-400 m) X (5-6) Group 6, super-rhythmic under-distance running (400 meters from the main entry training):


1, (500

600 m) X (5-6) group of

2, muscle strength training: squat 5-10 times / group X (5-7) group of

3, jerk 7-10 sub-group of X (5-7) group 4, step dancing from 3 to 15 times / group X (5-7) group of

5, Leg held from 3 to 15 times / group X (5

7) Section 6, weight-bearing leg Zuodeng kip 3-15 times / Group X (5

7) Section 7, quick to run 150 meters X (3-5) group of

8, diffuse to run 20

30 minutes

Thursday: Complete the rest

Friday: Strength Training and others with Monday

Saturday: the outbreak of strength training and other with the Tuesday

Sunday: complete training, rest


in the long-term training in order to prevent fatigue caused by lack of training, during the 4-5 weeks complete training, to conduct a week of active recovery training, in order to get the best results of training. particularly those with little experience, training, and endless long-term training would be dangerous, so in 1-2 weeks of training, the adjustment of the training should be 3-4 days.

training, the contents of the relatively fixed and have continuity in the short term will not have big changes.

1 day training, the contents of the completion of the training sequence: Experienced players are generally the outbreak of the speed muscle strength groan groan buildup. with little experience, man-made buildup groan, groan force muscle strength.
Jin Jing 19982010-02-20 12:42:58 +0000 #3
1st-hop, such as long jump, triple jump, such as stepping 23
bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-02-20 13:11:04 +0000 #4

improve cardiovascular function, in this season jogging is a great benefit. the winter season, the better to improve endurance, low temperature for the body to stimulate better able to improve the system capacity.

according to the specific circumstances of individual work and rest every day to ensure jog in 20 minutes, adhere to to the spring, your basic endurance will have a small leap. to the warmth of spring, when the temperature warmed up, more suitable for sports, this time can be added so that the appropriate amount of exercise and increase exercise intensity. You can also engage in some ball games movement, after all, simply run some boring.
, but running to keep warm in winter to prevent the cold, bearing in mind the breathing method, arrived on the tongue, palate, to avoid the cold air directly stimulate the respiratory tract. antifreeze also select a non-slip footwear.


forces have relative strength and absolute power, but still a basis of absolute power, but in a way where you only see the push-ups, and if that works with some devices just fine. But it is the first to push for the starting point is a good choice. slowly increase in the number and difficulty. other methods can also try, 10S bell push-ups sit-ups back Alice, sprint run, vertical jump straight template, skipping... are relatively comprehensive campaign!


Run need to consider the stride frequency and stride length. stride frequency refers to the frequency of swinging the legs, in theory, stride frequency is a priori. that can not be changed! However, "frequency of Endurance" is the day after tomorrow can be trained for. is looking forward to 1500 run stride frequency and stride frequency of 100 meters is the same!, of course, very difficult. This can be tried under the low and high leg lift.

stride, that is, the size of your step! this is that we can change 啦! lengthening the strides forward points, something ready for the small step of self-control. generally are based on personal habits.

need to be clear that the frequency up, and pace will certainly be more or less decline. stride frequency over nature, will be forced to step down. So, it, or help you to find a sensible look at the oh. must be a sensible Oh, you can see the kind of potential.
, so, recommend appropriate to run uphill and downhill running an integrated practice, to improve the step stride frequency.

Running needs of lower extremity coordination and strength necessary for practicing indispensable! upper and lower limbs need to practice, of course, is also the indispensable core strength areas (waist and abdomen). a number of specific exercises (high leg lift running, after the kick run, run small step...) is also essential. strengthen the lower limb strength, multi-hop multi-exercise absolute power, relative power are good. but it can not ignore the upper body strength ah! because the arm movement is a key technology ! me that I made is because the upper body strength is poor, has always died in the 100 meters for more than 11 seconds 5.

Also, is my personal experience 啦! whether to fitness or competition, the psychological is very important! not too much pressure on myself ! relax, relaxation will lead to muscle relaxation, I would have a better power! the necessary preparations are also well before each run the. still can not forget to relax after each run, so that your muscles in order to have enough "memory."

If you have their minds can try Fengpao time, Sa Sa wild! can also mountain climbing, running the beach, skipping! all when is played! Hei hei. Leverage effect, at least make up your health!


morning up and do things the best sports drink, fasting can be good! but they can not put down the cup on the movement! can use the time between activities to the body, finishing the next room! then do a warm-up and movement, we must take time to Oh relax, it is very important! running to school, I think the bar was free, easy cold! is not safe! there before going to bed can do sports, but it must be guaranteed a good relax themselves, and heart rate were normal breathing , and then washed to rest 1 hour before going to bed normally should be the end of sport!

These are all I have to answer questions from other users of the integrated come. there any need to contact!
bulimia angel2010-02-20 12:52:34 +0000 #5
daily from family went to school very soon you will ---

100M slow in points, did not save the majority of fuel

400M looks like a good time to can learn about the triple jump wings definitely be useful Mirs!



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