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I can also do longer and higher? ?

349,663,7222010-02-21 18:11:02 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old, height 166 boys, I have a relatively large calf muscle, was previously out of practicing martial arts training, I am now in this age, but also can grow much higher? ? ?
US Giants2010-02-21 18:21:49 +0000 #2
Hello, if you are not over the age of 25 years of age, please read the article I wrote this article for your tall helps a lot, you will be able to grow to 180 cm the above, you will be able to become a big man. Can wishful height depends on several factors, first of all genetic factors, accounting for 70%, in addition, depending on other conditions, including exercise, nutrition, environmental and social factors. In order for you to grow a little higher, please note the following:

1, miss fast-growing period of

study confirmed that the vast majority of Han Chinese children, the sudden increase in the peak height of 12-year-old girl, 14-year-old boy ; 90% of the fastest-growing tall girls aged 11 to 13 years old, boys 13 to 15 years old.

2, should focus on nutritional supplements

nutrition is the key to children's physical growth. Physical energy required for normal growth, protein and amino acids, it must be food supply, mainly meat, eggs, beans and pulses. Bone formation also require a sufficient amount of calcium, phosphorus, and traces of manganese and iron. Inadequate intake of calcium and vitamin D deficiency would result in inadequate bone mineralization, vitamin A deficiency, which puts shorter bone thickening, vitamin C deficiency, which puts the formation of bone defects in mesenchymal cells become brittle, which will affect the growth of bone .

It is generally a well-established family in a dirty diet, nutrition should be comprehensive and in sufficient quantity, please do not cultivate the habit of partial eclipse, not to be affected too much to eat snacks, intake of important nutrients.

3, Mo

sports neglect of exercise could enhance the body metabolism processes, accelerate blood circulation, promote growth hormone secretion, accelerating bone growth, beneficial to the human body tall. The following exercise has some effect on the increase, it may be worth a try.

1. Overhanging swing using the horizontal bar or door frames, a high degree of body hanging in the bar, on toes just to leave the ground is suitable. Two hand bars, spacing slightly larger than shoulder width, feet close together, then swing around the body, do not increase too much time not too long. The best practice scheduled every morning, try to relax the body sag, maintain 20 seconds, young men should do 10 to 15 times, young women should be done 2 to 6 times.

2. Mogao jump when you jump with both hands to touch pre-set objects, which can be roadside tree, basketball baskets or ceiling. Feet jump, do 30 times. Rest for a short jump on one foot or so feet, respectively, methods, ibid.

3. Ball playing basketball actively fighting for rebounds and jump steal; playing volleyball when you try to jump up and do more to smash and block movement; in football over the forehead to practice hitting jump action.

4. Jumping exercises to do while marching single-foot jump, leapfrog, triple jump, multi-level jumping and standing vertical jump and so on.

Here are a few meritorious increase the training methods, young friends, wish it a try.

1. Overhanging law:

hands grasping the horizontal bar, making the body floating sagging, drooping to his toes when you can lightly touch the ground better, and do chin-up action. Boys can do every day 10 - 15 times. Girls can do every day 2 - 5 times. Exercise essentials are: pull-ups when the breath, inhale slowly decline. After the exercise done, to walk walk around, so that the muscles relax. To be relaxed and then force the hand clenched fists, hands placed on the chest, and then release the fingers, then smell eyes, mouth, brow stretch, relax facial muscles, and then lying in bed, so that the back and buttocks muscles to relax . In short, we must learn to maximize the force and the greatest degree of relaxation.

In practice overhanging France for some time, you can hang this show on the basis of incremental, approach is the first drape 20 seconds, and then his legs faculties a 5 kg sandbag, and then hanging 20 seconds; after that, with a belt fixed on the horizontal bar, the hanging-tao r />?? 15 seconds, then put on 10 kg of iron ore weight vest, and then hanging 15 seconds. However, time and weight are not absolute, and may vary.

2. Jump law:

feet jumping touch branches, basketball, ceiling and so on. 10 times for a group, each upward jump 5 - 7 seconds, each interval of 4 - 5 minutes. As far as possible the body in a state of maximum extension. In addition, we must regularly participates in basketball, volleyball and swimming. When looting basketball and spike must be struggling to jump, and actively compete for each of the high penalties. Because jumping is the main training content, so the full jump 200 times a day or so.

3. Traction:

stand 20 - 30-meter-high mound, the relaxation speed up the downward run, and then look down on the floor, by the two partners to help practitioners in the hands of a partner grip wrist, and the other Diao's legs grip the lower part of training, both at the same time force in the opposite direction, pulling the trunk 2 - 3 times, each time 12 - 15 minutes, repeat 6 - 10 times.

This series of campaigns would help correct the short legs, spinal curvature, flat feet, and "O"-type legs and other physical defects, to promote bone growth, and adjust the nervous and endocrine functions, and a variety of physiological functions, so as to achieve the best state, and thus to achieve higher goals.

Nutrition and exercise can help grow any taller

person's growth is a kind of overall performance, in addition to the inherent genetic constraints, the following factors may also influence a child's future height:

adequate nutritional intake and a balanced diet is absolutely to The key to a child tall.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations, want their children to grow tall and strong, essential nutrients including protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc minerals.

Proteins are the body composition and repair muscles and bones and the tissues of the basic material, the lack of protein can cause growth retardation, skeletal and muscle will atrophy. Meat, seafood and milk and other animal food is a complete source of protein, vegetable sources can be from beans, grains, and Stone obtained.

Calcium is the manufacture of bone material, can promote growth and increase bone density. So, drink two cups of milk a day is to allow the accumulation of bone in this child a good way.

Vitamin D is another nutrient to make bones strong, which can be made from milk and salmon, tuna and other fish get, the daily 10 to 15 minutes, drying the sun, the body can manufacture its own vitamin D.

Minerals zinc, especially when the infant's development can not be a lack of nutrients. Dutch study found that if the baby during the development of zinc intake will lead to stunted development results. Also, according to a number of studies have also shown abroad, children adequate intake of zinc, can reduce the incidence of diarrhea. Zinc-rich foods are meat, liver, seafood (especially oysters), eggs and wheat germ and so on.

"Iron on the growth and development is also very important," National Taiwan University Hospital nutritionist Wenghui Ling added. However, according to the Department of Health's national nutrition survey found that people over the age of women in the four generally iron-deficiency cases, men are over the age of puberty, and 65 of the iron deficiency is higher. Therefore, growing children should eat lean meat, animal liver, egg yolk, dark green vegetables, or adequate intake of iron. Sports

▓ a lot of people think that skipping, playing basketball bounce of exercise will help grow any taller, to medical point of view is true.

According to research found that growth plate by the excessive pressure will cause growth retardation, but the moderate and intermittent compression or stretching of the growth plate, but it can stimulate its growth.

So if you want tall children and adolescents, can not give up exercise, especially some bounce of exercise. But excessive weight training, such as gymnastics, weightlifting but will impede growth, the doctor suggested that the growth stage was best avoided.

▓ hormone secretion in the human body the secretion of many hormones dominate or affect our growth and development, such as growth hormone, sex hormones, thyroid, parathyroid hormone, insulin and so on. Sleep

▓ mentioned earlier, the human growth mainly by the role of growth hormone, while the growth hormone secretion during the night sleep was particularly strong, so you want to grow any taller, do not stay up all night at the expense of sleep time, as far as 11 pm pre-bed rest. Sports

bone growth and ultimately, the most important is that we must seriously and perseverance. Believe that they will be able to grow any taller, and refueling Oh! gogo 加油!
COS School2010-02-21 18:25:44 +0000 #3
Do not but the heart, president of the high -
PASTACOCO2010-02-21 18:36:17 +0000 #4
can also 啦, you should pay attention to nutrition, ah, the general 20-year-old boys were stopped a long high,
purple myth2010-02-21 19:42:16 +0000 #5
eat vegetables bar to supplement Nutrition



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