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Treadmill is a uniform or varied pace running good? Uniform at what speed to run, how long? Speed ho

Basket Maple 13142010-02-21 18:11:34 +0000 #1
I used to lose weight for the purpose of running! ! !

I have now run for two weeks, and felt no effects! So I started with 4.5 speed walk 3 minutes, then 10 minutes to 5.5, then 6.0 to run 10 minutes, 6.5 to run 10 minutes, then 6.0 to run 5 minutes. 5.5 Run 5 minutes, the last 2 minutes it tries to end! A total of 45 minutes!

Hope that someone can really help to me! !

I really like to lose weight off! I will always insist on! ! ! Hope that experience can help me! Thank you very much! ! !
jingke4232010-02-21 18:27:31 +0000 #2
Your amount of this exercise is absolutely enough for fitness, but for it in order to lose weight, exercise is far to less than demand, saying that the real star of the fundamental of sports + weight loss diet control, to lose weight, or stay in shape.

Half a month, no fat, is considered a good in, but you insist on the spirit of a lot of exercise every day, this is in the affirmative, and I want to say is that our modern day, the amount of food intake is actually greater than the absorption of the body itself, a large part of not fully absorbed, but you in a certain post-exercise, diet has not changed, but it is the absorption becomes strong, and as fat instead. Is this particular reason. Nothing to rely on the Internet look for Honglei play when weight loss experience. You know how to lose weight should be a. Eat less, try to eat. Of course, is to ensure the health of your body under the premise

Games for your health, adhere to the most important.
aqaq122132010-02-21 18:44:55 +0000 #3
eat two tons a day, do not eat greasy, fried food, cold drinks, beverages do not eat, appetite themselves according to their own custom run three times a week, first 3 minutes of brisk walking hot-warm-up, and then run 5 kilometers, about 40 minutes finish, and whether you run fast or slow the body's Rourou must bring together all Britain finish will be hungry, eat two bananas, two eggs, eating one egg yolk and then bear in mind that over one and a half hour not to eat, so late eat nothing after 8:00, in addition to water, if possible, doing the push-ups, sit-ups, chin-up, do not run too fast will not rebound. Finally remember that weight loss is long-term Guizaijianchi do not look at short-term wish you every success



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