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100 meters how to train frequency of slow?

hupan852010-02-21 19:10:10 +0000 #1
I am a third year of the

forces can also be run is the frequency of very slow

13 seconds

0.5 seconds I would like to enter too slow
voicecc2010-02-21 19:26:19 +0000 #2

The development of stride frequency: improving muscle contraction speed of fast, strengthen the nervous system excitement and inhibition of flexibility training to improve muscle strength and muscle fast contraction ability to relax.

Training means:

[1] high-speed front and rear legs to swing swing was contacted and asked to complete a reasonable fast swing folding technology, the more swinging leg great legs folded tight radius of the smaller, faster swing speed.

[2] to speed up feet touch the ground speed of practice to require as much as possible to shorten the time vacated.

[3] Quick Arm, leg swing exercises, leg and arm movements require coordination.

[4] to run grid exercises can be quickly and efficiently improve the frequency. Development step: step size depends mainly on the ability to run after the time of the power pedal after pedal angle, swing strength, swing speed and flexibility in the hip . Focus on the development of the extensor thigh, hip flexor strength and flexibility.

[5] downhill running the most effective way to improve stride frequency. Running downwind or downhill running 30-60 m, 3-4 X2-3 group.

From the physiological point of view does not see, sprint for the project can rely mainly on the original phosphorylation system and the glycolytic system. Maximal exercise in the circumstances, the phosphoric acid of the original system of energy supply is only able to maintain 6 to 8 seconds, while the glycolytic systems can ensure that 2 to 3 minutes of energy supply. Thus, glycolytic energy supply system of the sprint performance plays a vital role. A large number of studies have shown that, through the speed endurance training can make muscles in the muscle glycogen content increased, the promotion of glycolysis enzyme activity was enhanced, so that sprinters special performance can be improved.

On Monday, one, jump deep; 15 groups * 10 2, combined to run a short distance (20 m +40 m +60 m +80 m +100 m) X2-3 group

Tuesday, the exchange of weight-bearing lunge jump 10 groups * 30

Wednesday, 30 meters sprint sprint -60 m -80 m sprint, 10 groups, the key is to increase stride frequency, performance-enhancing effects of downhill running significant

Thursday, 1, jump deep; 15 groups * 10 times 2, (30 m +60 m +100 m +60 m +30 m) X2-3 group.

Friday, flexibility exercises, kicks 10 groups * 30 times, weight-bearing vertical jump 10 groups * 15

Saturday, weight-bearing squat 15 groups * 10 times; 30-meter sprint -60 m -100 m sprint sprint full Group 6

Sunday enthusiasm of the rest: for example, games or other activities of each training preparatory activities and relaxation are essential.

Also in a few suggestions:

1, before the game, "from today to three days before the game," eat or not eat sugary foods to eat before the game began three days of high pond food, race day, eat a meal Bacheng , better digestion, before the game 30 - 40 minutes to drink the water concentration of 40% glucose 200ML. In addition to eat three vitamin C. Do not eat chocolate.

2, do a good job of warming-up before exercise. Athletics is very likely to cause muscle, joint and ligament injuries, in particular, more opportunities to lower limb injuries. The only way to prevent the warm-up. Warming-up the more adequate the less vulnerable to injuries. Could be jogging on the basis of shoulder, elbow, Beiyao muscles, legs and knee-ankle-joints and other parts of their activities, strengthen muscles ligament strength, and raising the body's sensitivity and coordination in order to prevent injury, you can enhance athletic performance .

3, movement or before the game, students should pay attention to maintaining a good sleep and physical savings, should be controlled before the game too much eating and drinking, but not allowed to drink.

4, exercise or competition, they should do a good job relaxing activities, so as to regain their strength and muscle strength. The method is to relax the body parts of jitter, beat, double co-operation of mutual massage.

5, such as body heat when off a jacket, long-distance running should be immediately put on after the jacket, to prevent the common cold

Finally I wish you success!
Faure Defense2010-02-21 19:34:04 +0000 #3
to do weight-bearing high-leg lift, 30 meters buildup can be, but the intensity can not be small. There are a coach you to correct your actions.
_ Snow Canjian _2010-02-21 20:02:30 +0000 #4
is point, and thought a good thigh strength, strength is not a feel good like, and if it is the frequency slow down, it must be because the thigh, In addition, the arm is also quite important,,,, to suit their frequency, multi-try high leg lift bar



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