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Who started this how to train 200 m .800 m

954,072,2352010-02-23 17:11:22 +0000 #1
just in junior high school, learn well, (the old people say that they will be learning) would like to refute in sports, I hope the junior high school 800-meter second to first request out of a training program for Gao Ren Running tips will Xie
flowers for those who have opened Yuet2010-02-23 17:17:14 +0000 #2
I had also a track and field team,

Of course, I do not copy anything, I'll tell you from personal experience,

a start I think the talent is the most important ,

in fact do not necessarily like you who started this,

in fact almost everyone's fitness,

800 meters, then the original coaches say, what three steps a call, that is nonsense,

At that time, how no training, so control is difficult,

So basically depends on when the game tips,

who started 800 games in general are more people, less formal, like this, then,

a running start as far as possible to the top few, do first, so that someone else with you,

are generally run with others, to compare physical savings,

and then, in turn, do not go super-people, save energy, accounting for within the Road,

In the straight, then both throttle according to its own, please do not speed up, so consumption is also very physical,

by pressing the case, to the final 100 meters on the acceleration, in fact,

if he did not feel to win the tired in the end, we rely on both adhered to.

Since you want to refute someone else,

on on their own work in this regard. Refuel it,

hope I can help to answer to you,
Po bi 〆 mustard Hong2010-02-23 17:28:58 +0000 #3
Internet search techniques found on the 800

Want is to run when the rhythm

rhythm steady, and the true but not tired

800 meters on the two laps

recommended if you want to have good results:

in the first bend on lap two began to sprint,

the first two turn out super can be started to kill the person you are

The final 100 meters on the full bar!

Three-step a call, or quite important!

Did not even breathing, so it will be easy Chaqi

In the sprint period, you can breath through your mouth big mouth,

because at that time very tired,
, and on the lap, and do not care what the Chaqi not Cha Qi.

Remember, breathing process to do more deep breathing!

Do not feel the lungs to suppress!



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