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Be able to buy more than 2000 ATV do

lizhe369872010-02-26 02:11:02 +0000 #1
do not want a new second-hand goods
yt365202010-02-26 02:17:17 +0000 #2
Almost! !
68,813,9332010-02-26 02:45:23 +0000 #3
cheap in this: C9% B3% CC% B2% B3% B5% BC% DB% B8% F1.html

expensive In this Do not be surprised!


the United States company to produce AMG Hummer (Hummer) and known to the world. In 1992, the first civilian Hummer vehicle available, immediately won the favor of many. Today, General Motors has produced the AM General's Hummer Hummer has been the right to use trademark and production rights, Hummer H2 SUV is GM's first birth of a Hummer. H2 Hummer inherited the tradition of military style, but also gives it some modern rhythms. First, you look it from all angles is unmistakable is that a Hummer off-road vehicles, especially front-face highlights the Hummer features.

HUMMER H1 (Hummer H1):

the United States military headquarters in the late seventies, according to the Vietnam War experience, found that it needs a new generation of light utility vehicles. At that time requested by the military, military vehicles will need to meet high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled (not tracked) vehicles, known HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle).

Health Ъ away and ㄓ boring? Car brands: Hummer

manufacturers quote: Domestic 810,000 (RMB)

Listing Date: Production Status: In the middle

emission standards: Europe 2

performance parameters

L / W / H (mm) : 4686/1905/2197

Engine Type: V-8 diesel engine with a supercharged EFI DOHC dual-overhead camshafts

Transmission Type: 4L65-E 4-speed automatic transmission Displacement (cc): 5967

Max Power (KW): 125 / 3400 Maximum torque (Nm): 401/1700

fuel consumption (L/100km): 16 (average) Wheelbase (mm): 3302


traction control direction adjustment Tachometer AM / FM Radio

electric windows dynamic central locking steering electric heated side mirror

fog after fogging mirror anti-theft devices behind the wheel ABS braking system

Vice-driver's seat airbag airbags

CTIS central tire inflation system, a small storage box

Run-Flat features electric halogen headlamps Lock high by car bucket seats

no upstream auxiliary fuel tank ventilation system

HUMMER H2 (Hummer H2):

Hummer is the world's most genuine 4WD off-road vehicles for many years been the first single squat warlords. Hummer H2 respected the power and domineering cash and carry forward its fine traditions, it modern while retaining and improving this vigorous and strong, American Idol, so as to expand the Hummer's user base. Hummer H2 is not intended to recycling, but rather demonstrate the brand's direction, calling on more people to experience the Hummer, especially those with adventurous people.

Manufacturers: General Hummer car brands: Hummer

manufacturers quote: Domestic 1.05 million (RMB)

Listing Date: Production Status: In the middle

emission standards: Europe 3

performance parameters

L / W / H (mm): 4821/2062/1976

Engine Type: Vortcc6000 V8 OHV 32-valve gasoline engine

Transmission Type: Sidang automatic transmission / AUTOTRAC four-wheel-drive system with a unique joystick Displacement (cc): 5967

Max Power (KW): 232 / 5200 Maximum torque (Nm): 486/4000

fuel consumption (L/100km): 22 (average) over the oil traveling 500 kilometers

Wheelbase (mm): 3124

traction control standard leather seats power passenger seat seat Electric driver's seat chair seat

anti-theft audio CD machine electric antenna AM / FM Radio

power windows power steering electric heated side mirror may be a central door lock fog lights after the fogging mirrors Cruise

anti-theft stereo

ABS braking system alloy wheel circle

the driver's seat driver's seat airbag airbags, deputy air-conditioning systems the same

"TC2" Control Systems Onstar center differential locking security system

HUMMER H3 (Hummer H3):

2006, paragraph Hummer H3 to retain the flavor of the source and excellent off-road capabilities, while a smaller size and better fuel economy to adapt the layout to make it more market demand. In the following H1, H2, after, H3 in the mid-size sport-utility vehicle market will set a new benchmark for off-road capability.

Manufacturers: General Hummer car brands: Hummer

manufacturers quote: Domestic 800,000 (RMB)

Listing Date: Production Status: In the middle

emission standard: Euro 4

performance parameters

L / W / H (mm): 4742/1897/1892

Engine Type: 3.5L DOHC dual-overhead camshafts

Transmission type: 4-speed automatic Displacement (cc): 3500

Max Power (KW): 220/5600 Wheelbase (mm) 2842


Dual front airbags ABS light fog length side curtain airbags

Radio Radio Sound System 6 dispatch CD

7 speakers touch-screen satellite navigation, 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels chrome wheels

full-size spare tire air-conditioned electric rear window defroster

Multi-function power-adjustable leather steering wheel multi-function remote control anti-theft devices

leather seats

2nd row seats fold mirrors power windows power door roof rack foot



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