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Middle School Students sprint training programs

pkooliyang2010-02-26 14:10:02 +0000 #1
I am a third-year student, as well as 4 months is necessary in the exam, I hope you can help me out a plan to improve sprint performance (mainly the 200 meters), to more oh, say, Monday doing anything, such a plan, brother of the first, thank you!
under pressure to grow up2010-02-26 14:17:59 +0000 #2
four months a little bit shorter!

I suggest you still insist on the most important. To you this time succeed in four months have greatly improved it is difficult!

You are a male specific, I do not know! I put my college entrance examination training program for you Tell me! For reference only!

My plan is to practice twice a day, like you once a day bar! Are relatively tight because of!

Monday: warming-up: Jogging four laps (400 meters per lap) pulled ligaments, to do some special exercises, the purpose is to campaign to all parts of the body. This should be conducting special training for it without injury.

Special Training: 1,60 m 4 trips (each trip in 8 seconds or less) 2,100 meters three times (each trip in 14 seconds or less) 3,200 m 5 times (each trip in 28 seconds or less). Requirements: Each trip must fight every effort to run, every time can be a long trip a break point.

Relaxation training: jogging two laps, pulled ligaments, able to do so will allow students to help relax the leg muscles.

Tuesday: preparations: (ibid.)

Special training: endurance training: a group of five laps to run three groups (each lap 400 meters) Time: Every lap control in less than two minutes. Speed Training: 30 meters 5 times.

Relaxation training: (ibid.)

Wednesday: preparations: (ibid.)

Special Training: Strength Training: This can be done according to your own strength to the appropriate power to do some squat exercises. If there is no barbells, you can jump the stairs with the power of practice methods. In doing some sit-ups, two, the back muscle exercise. Remember that the power to do done every 20 meters to 30 meters of the buildup.

Relaxation training: (ibid.)

Thursday: Same as Monday to Friday: preparations: (ibid.)

Special Training: varied pace 10 laps

relaxation training: (ibid.)

Saturday: Same as Wednesday

Sunday: Rest



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