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50-meter running technique

weilijiancong2010-02-27 08:10:48 +0000 #1
athletic meets to be up. . I ran off in less than 7 seconds I would like to be asked to copy 10 ah! Please help out!
blood Chonger2010-02-27 08:14:16 +0000 #2
more practice, the general attention is sprint start and breathing, 50 meters, then do not see the end of the slowdown, and the hearts of the end of the rear end of the design into a real, full in order to speed up the finish, not to stop the acceleration, not speed up the uniform look, because every aspect of sprint time is the accumulation of savings, the hesitation of a few tenths of poor ranking on the widened.

Another finish Do not immediately stop and pay attention to jogging to adjust breathing to avoid physical damage.

I wish you a race victory, take care of themselves
012ab0122010-02-27 08:48:09 +0000 #3
50 Mi also a few seconds, the easiest way is to forward desperately to recover, there is a recovery one, two, ask the two will certainly not die people.
huanghunhui5202010-02-27 09:26:43 +0000 #4
I am a practicing track and field, and 100 meters sprint is needed is speed and explosive power, congenital factors, relatively large number of results is very slow to improve, who started 15 seconds, then also I do not know what you are measuring the case of it? Running shoes? Plastic track? Junior high school students generally reaches 12 seconds or so very good results 啦. 11 seconds, two players reach the national level 5. Can work. Skipping Yes, better known in the coach's testimony was some system of training, such as the legs and upper body strength is needed practiced. 100 meters is not a very good achievement to make.



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