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I do not know how to train Lapuladuo

qiyx12102010-02-28 02:10:23 +0000 #1
my home three months and a few days a small Lapuladuo
Door sacred Casey2010-02-28 02:16:56 +0000 #2
Labrador Retriever is a very strong dog habit. In other words, if the owner explicitly tell where it should be easy, and with the control of food and water intake to control its convenient time, you will find that to get along with it would be a pleasant but relatively safe time.

Breeding Labrador master the most common mistake that people can not do consistently. First, select one for you and your pet's training methods are very important, equally important is to insist on using this method. The lack of patience and perseverance of many people who have attempted to training, but the result is often that your pet is not systematic and complete training.

So, here requires you to constantly bear in mind three P Code: that persistence (Persistence), patience (Patience) and praise (Praise). These three points are the fundamental guarantee of success.

Here are three at home, train your Labrador approach:

1. The paper method. Although this method apply to both adult and puppies, but puppies who was more ideal.

To use this method, first in your home, choose a suitable site for pets, until the training is successful. Confirmed that the room did not puppies fragile items, while pets in your floor to facilitate your floor will not cause lasting injury. The best room is the bathroom or small kitchen.

Once you choose good locations will be in the region covered by all the newspapers on the floor. If your dog is small relative ages, it's easy number to grow up to be more than it. Therefore, in the beginning, when this feature must be brought on the trouble to prepare.

In the beginning, once the pet easy, the newspaper should be replaced as quickly as possible. This can help the pet as soon as possible to build their own sites, but also make you more quickly find pets like the location at which conveniently. At the beginning of your pet may be in different places in the room easily, but gradually adapt to the room with the pet, it will choose a fixed convenience of their favorite places. Once the pet they have chosen a convenient location, the room can be the withdrawal of newspapers elsewhere, leaving only enough to cover its convenient place. You have laid a newspaper must be large enough so as not to allow pets in the newspaper outside of convenience. Once the pet in the newspaper outside the convenience, you will need holes and more newspapers. When the pet in its own convenience, after a fixed place, we must remember that praise it immediately. Your pet in the right place because of our own convenience, rather than get recognition on the carpet the more quickly it can be trained successfully.

In the pet set up in the newspaper rather than on the floor, after the habit of convenience, you can transfer to the paper you want the system after training in the future you want it to a convenient place (for example, somewhere outside of your house) . Target sites of newspapers toward the direction of gradually moving, each time not to move too much distance. Once the mobile newspaper this act to make your pet feel troubled, you had better not move more than a day an inch distance, until the newspaper until the destination. Waiting for your pet understand that it can only facilitate in the newspaper, and you will also be a newspaper moved to the outdoor fixed position, when pet owners manage the behavior becomes that much easier.

In the newspaper completely removed, the pet will automatically go to the newspaper before the shop area, or a circular motion with the smell the smell of the means to tell you that it wants to go out convenient.

2. Box training method.

This method is suitable for Adult dogs and puppies, and probably of all households in the most effective training methods and efficiency of a.

All the Labrador will not be willing to what it believes is a regional convenience of your own home, so unless they are placed in pet box for too long, it generally will not be easy in their own box.

Once per hour, will your dog with Shengquanshuanhao, and then take it where you want it to walk easily. If it is not easy within 5 minutes, continue to make it to reclaim its own box will stay on for one hour. In another one hour, the last is not essential will be to facilitate the convenience of the pet. Once the pet after the specified place convenient to remember praise it and put it to reclaim its box. You recognize your voice when it is shown in the joy of pet would you want him to understand that this is a convenient place. Once established, pets will try to facilitate in a fixed place in order to discuss with your hearts and minds. To wait until you feel like you have learned that pets should go where, it can shorten the box it was locked in time and at the same time gradually increasing the scope of its activities to outside the box. Just make sure the appropriate time to expand the space, you can make pets clearly aware of their space in the constantly increasing, while increasing their own space to keep clean and consciousness. In the end, you can have pets in the whole family activities, but after a very long period of training to ensure that it can understand keeping the house clean and tidy.

3. Defecation disk method.

This method of training for the puppy the probability of success is very large, but Adult dogs also have a certain effect.

With the newspaper method similar to the method first have to select a limited area, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Although you can use a traditional cat will be set to solve, but now the pet stores selling dogs dedicated disk, they are in shape with the cat is slightly different, but also larger. Shop also can buy a special newspaper in the tray and sand.

The beginning steps and newspapers, France, just as newspapers make the room the whole shop floor, the replacement of non-stop until the pet selection of newspapers like the convenience of their own area so far. In the pet will be started and a disc almost as big as the local convenience of the region about two weeks, it will be set on the floor, and placed inside a newspaper. In the pet in the tray will be easy, remember to praise it. It will correct this as a habit and gradually adapt to it. It is used in the tray to facilitate future in it, if you like, you can replace the sand tray newspaper. Over time, gradually increase the amount of sand until the sand until the paper completely replaced.

If you choose this method, then each time your pet easy, you will have to clean up disks, because it is not a dirty place convenient. If you can not insist on this point, your pet will be back on the floor to facilitate the training there will be no effects.

Insist on using any of the above three kinds of methods, you can get a well-trained Labrador dog.



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