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How kind of cast shot

langjiaming0002010-03-01 04:11:07 +0000 #1
the entrance exam to test our sport, I reported that a shot, I think the strength I can, usually when the vote can be cast 10 meters 10 perfect score, but when I do not know how the examination of the cast far away, only voted 9 m 50, only 9.5 points. Who will look at it, pointing pointing
kyao1531532010-03-01 04:21:28 +0000 #2
in-situ technology is the shot put shotput techniques are based, are in the shot put teaching important content of practicing shot put in place, the explicit action essentials smoothly guide student learning, high-quality completion of a prerequisite for action. Students in learning problems, shot put action on the in situ analysis of structure, more comprehensive summary of a

in-situ technology moves Shot Put essentials to help students quickly and correctly grasp the Shot Put technology to improve the shot put the quality of teaching.

1, Introduction

Currently, in teaching shot put action on the in situ understanding of essentials there are more objections, it was suggested that pedal, turn, send, Ting, push aside; it was suggested that pedal, turn, pretty, push, aside; it was suggested that Yang, frog, turn, Ting, push aside; Although the above formulation have different emphases, but apparently not comprehensive enough. After a long teaching practice, I think that more appropriate wording, that in-situ shot put teaching should grasp the pedal, turn, carry, send, Ting, supports, top, push the word to call these 9 essentials more comprehensive and reasonable.


in-situ analyzed and discussed the overall movement structure of shot put by the body and push the ball lifting structure and composition of the two movements. Lifting body is cast before pushing the ball well prepared physically and technically, it is the right to push the ball based on the successful completion of pushaway guarantee. In practice, students usually appears low angle shot and unconscious prop up the ball because of the completion of lifting body movements are not in place making. With his right hand to push the ball, for example, pushing the ball before the tread due to the active right leg stretch, combined with a powerful left foot support to prevent the level of the body forward to strength through to the hip, push on the right hip before the shift in the direction to throw. Pelvic rotation around the longitudinal axis of the body, the original tight upper body twisted back due to Ting, turn, led to the upper left hip rotation, bend forward of the upper body lifted by pulling the body along the coronal axis and vertical axis integrated rotation, synchronization is complete pedal, turn, carrying the body movements. At this point the main body to turn to pedal axis, forming abdomen, Hanxiong, right hip before the top, left arm inside the buckle, pull shoulder and left elbow, left shoulder higher than the right shoulder of the body posture, lengthen the working muscles is push the ball into the next phase of the creation of the conditions. If the lift does not attach importance to body movements, upper body only along the vertical axis rotation, rather than along the coronal axis and the vertical axis of the integrated switch - move, throwing arm shoulder and left elbow does not pull together with the upper body rotation, will form a wrong action.

After the completion of lifting body movements, with the right leg continues to pedal forward, body weight began to move forward, right hip to throw the direction of transfer, promoting hip forward. In practice, if not emphasize the hip forward, out of touch it is easy to form the upper and lower upper body "before running" center of gravity caused by loss of arm strength alone force pushing the ball wrong order, because the shot put in force process is bottom-up conduction force. When the body is moved to the left leg above the center of gravity closer to vertical, the left leg as a result of his right leg knee extension was forced to tread buckling must immediately stays straight, and positive pedal extension, help increase focus, enhance the shot point, with the right leg of the tread stretch and throwing arm to push the full effect of the use of reaction force to complete the final action. Therefore, the master left leg supported by the timing is very important, not only strengthen the force in time force the timing and the correct order to avoid relying solely on strength of arm or arms to push the ball the phenomenon of recoil, but also effectively link the upper and lower limbs and body coordination to continue along the axis turn to the left to complete the chest, top shoulder, push arm, dial refers to a series of coordinated actions. Advantage of the opportunity to make the body more than the right side of the left, right shoulder higher than the left shoulder, the body center of gravity to the highest point, raise the full force procedures, and adjust the timing of rapid outbreak of force. Then promptly Huanbu, adjust the body posture, lower center of gravity to maintain a balance.

3, the conclusion

shotput action from the entire process can be seen, carrying the body of action is to complete a prerequisite for action to push the ball and a strong guarantee tread left leg stays in time with pushing the ball has established a good opportunity, while the right shoulder before the top of action and be able to strengthen the completion of the final completion of the effect of force and improve throwing distance degree. Therefore, based on the essentials of the original increase in lift, supports, the top three words can be more perfect action shot put essentials in situ, reflecting the internal consistency and action forced the full extent of the perfect action shot put the quality of in situ development Throwing ability to have a stronger role in promoting, and can speed up the process of teaching and learning.



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