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To 1500 meters players praise words

a2346052a2010-03-03 22:11:07 +0000 #1
Do not duplicate!
Shenglong gold knight2010-03-03 22:23:21 +0000 #2
Maybe you mental psychology has long been uneasy

our blood boil


left a long track of your deep footprints

wiped away the sweat seeping

you could not pull move your heavy feet

do not care about you as a branch of their own sweat and tears, tired

do not care because you have a firm belief in heart
Happy Extreme2010-03-03 23:00:10 +0000 #3
In the sports arena, there you are in robust health posture!

in our hearts, have your cheerful smile!

On the runway, have you sweat!

1500, how long!

In your opinion, is just a piece of cake!

XXX 加油!

XXX We cheer for you! For your fuel!

XXX YOU are best!



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