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Long jump and triple jump and so on.

too lazy to express2010-03-06 08:10:38 +0000 #1
I am now 19 years old. Height 176. Weight of 160. May this year, would like to participate in school sports. A few days ago has just tested a bit in school. In the wearing down jackets. Leg injury case can jump long jump 4 meters 5. Triple jump 10 meters 5, I think that less than two months in the winter time there are plans to look at the training. And strive to achieve a good result. Who can provide a relatively good sub-plan. Want to jump to nearly 6 meters and 12 meters results. Thank you,
746,479,0772010-03-06 08:23:42 +0000 #2
Do you want the results is impossible, unless you are a professional team or a training institute click! But at least a year to have the results you want you want! If If you have good quality, can be the same as the training of professional teams. I am 73 this year, 17,1 m long jump 6.20 meters, triple jump 12.50 meters

triple jump: to give you a specific training program is estimated that you do not have that time and effort. But you is not much more than that question, the main waist to enhance the speed and strength exercises, there is a ligament should always pull, technology 1:30 will also tell you bad, remember a good essentials on the line, the first step in a low fast, and the second Step Daping, the third step lofty.

Long jump: 1. To improve the standing long jump, the first outbreak is the leg strength, and the second is a jump point of view, the angle can also be understood as vacated.

Triple Jump Training: Monday: 1,30 minutes warming-up (jogging and flexibility)

2,30 MX5 times (buildup)

3,60 MX3 times (buildup)

4,40 M standing start X8 Ci

5, entire run-up take-off exercises X8 Ci Ci

6,150 MX2

7, rib leg raise 10X4 Group

8,15 minutes, finishing activities (jogging and stretching exercises)

Tuesday: 1,30 minutes to prepare activity

2, vacated by-step exercises off the bunker X15 times

3,4 - 6 fewer run-up jump X20 times (Note: To improve take-off techniques, no strength requirements)

4, throughout the long jump * 5

5, jumping exercises: standing long jump, standing triple jump X10 times


5 X10 stride jump X10 times

6, a small sand pit jump 40 times

7,15 minutes, finishing activities (jogging and stretching exercises)

Wednesday: 1,30 minutes warming-up (jogging pulled ligament)

2, upper limb strength: the clean and jerk 30KG 6 times X3 Group

snatch 30KG 6 times X3 Group

3, squat 100KG 10 times X4 Group

4 , Squat 50KG 6 times X4 Group

5, sitting squat 80KG 10 times X4 group (faster)

6, hurdle 10 times X8 group (faster take-off)

7, buildup 50MX6 times (note that rhythm, no timing)

Thursday: 1,30 minutes warming-up (games, pulling ligaments)

2, step hop (left foot) of the 30-cell

3, step jump of 30 feet grid

4, buildup 60M * 3 Group

5,3-step run-up jump X24 times (note that non-jump technique strength requirement)

long jump, short-term training: an abdomen as revenue jumped to close to the chest, legs and could not stop adhere to jump 10 to 1 Section 3 sets to 2 leapfrog squat jump after each 25 meters ahead energetically to do Group 2

3 liters squat jumping height is also very heavy to do much when the three groups the first group of 10 Group II 20 Group 3 25 a

4 zama-step of this exercise is very important to be able to connect the leg muscles can also enhance the strength of the knee makes the long jump can be used greater force when the three groups the first group to do 30 seconds, the second group 20 seconds the third group 10 seconds

or more must adhere to the practice exercises at least three times a week,

can be cross-practice, but the amount must be enough

3. squat jump × 5 groups, each 20 times, asked thigh squat to parallel with the ground, maintaining a few seconds After the quick jump.

Step toes × 5 groups, each with 50 or more times to require support for pre-feet standing on the steps to do up support for action, legs straight to tread.

10 consecutive leapfrog × 5 teams, requiring quick jumps, arm lead the body.

Sit-ups × 5 groups, each group 1 minute to require large margin.

Received the standing vertical jump leg × 5 groups of 15 to 20 times, require the thigh as far as possible to move closer to the chest.

(More than most other places I was looking for, but they are right! If I said to myself or speak very good! Forgive me)
10 Jiang Wei2010-03-06 08:19:47 +0000 #3
........ skipping. The simplest 3 Essentials-hop technology, quite important. 10.5 meters too much face.



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