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How to improve the results do 200 meters

55 baby2010-03-06 15:11:42 +0000 #1
I am a third-year girls, five mid-to late this year, we should participate in sports exam. Now my athletic achievements, is not very satisfactory: the project must be tested a maximum 200-meter race was 35 seconds; the election as far as the standing long jump test project is 184cm. Threatens to leave, and hope that enthusiastic netizens to help me set out a plan, let me as soon as possible to improve sports performance. Thanks!
csbld1102010-03-06 15:22:58 +0000 #2
First long-distance jogging is necessary (early morning runs) as a first exercise endurance second preparatory activities before exercise. Winter have to pay attention to this point (if the weather is cool it) can start from home went to a park near their home or the activities you want to place. Then, if only in the downstairs of the buildings around the home Pao Ba. Need to go to feel the body heat. But does not require speed.

The second is the number of sports such as a high leg lift assisted / leapfrog / varied pace cook 4-8 groups, respectively, each 20-50 m distance. (According to the distance categories of the camp activities.)

The final step is 2-4 times ran 200 meters. Because the movement is you do things that will surely make progress. Especially for people who have been backward in physical fitness is even more so, so long as you adhere to will be able to see the results. With the amount of exercise increases the number of days. Do not make an excessive amount of muscle can not afford otherwise. So do not worry too much, I wish you have a good examination results.
pengtaitai1592010-03-06 15:30:33 +0000 #3
In fact, important technology in addition to training as important in the present test is a compulsory exam

200 meters 200 meters that is the technology and follow-up force will be looking straight at the corner do? It is the cut-off point

corners do not have try to run too much, too but do affect the track, the body lean to the inside corner on the right, and a rejection of the bend arm to enlarge stride, full sprint



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