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I run 400 meters faster how?

Your loved one 32010-03-07 06:11:04 +0000 #1
My girls

400 meters is now a sub-ten seconds to look

I want to improve,

also need to how to do?
455,059,2232010-03-07 06:14:12 +0000 #2
400-meter sprint is the project operator

to demand a speedy physically demanding because it is the 400-meter run faster and faster, many people are getting to run more slowly

pre-filed do not have the fastest speed to maintain the uniform speed and then speed up to 300 meters, then bite the physical is adhere to speed limits sprint 100 meters

I am a national athlete specializing in 400 m

2 I was running is 51.3 seconds

Of course, I have a little bragging about gifted Hehe, ah

you can around 15 o'clock every day to start training (exercise the best time of the day)

the first 10 to 20 minutes to warm up your lap can be used in slow speed to let your body out of Wei Han

and then we track and field preparations 11 basic training does not gave you a lot here to talk about

In fact, you can press the activities of the wrist stretching to run a high leg lift (not too severe) kicked legs, and so on

and then can run

321 means that a 300 meters and then Xianpao Two 200-meter run final 100 meters to be used to run three times in the middle of high-speed run Do not be too long 5-minute rest period must be sufficient to grit one's teeth can also insist on

Leapfrog Dunqi shuttle run with endurance training leg strength can run stairs rate of increase explosive power

But what if it is not race you'd better not do too much because of bodily injury relatively large

want to help you
my82672010-03-07 06:48:55 +0000 #3
daily to do the morning after the death of the playground to run three times, adhere to one to for three months.

Remember, it was so dead run, desperate to run.
LELSSX2010-03-07 06:57:44 +0000 #4
400 meters, is to a kind of average velocity and a sense of rhythm, speed is not the principal, pay attention to controlling every step of the rhythm's good enough. The first exercise good sense of rhythm, and then speed things up.
l7096968832010-03-07 06:24:36 +0000 #5
running technique to learn their way straight: one, learning arm techniques. Learn to 2 feet touch the ground before the flexible jogging. 3 medium speed in a straight line so steady running 60-80 meters repeated four big stride running. 5 to uniform technical running 60-80 meters, understand the way to run a complete technology. 6 road running between 30-60 meters, with special emphasis on the integrity of technical movements and relaxation

learning curve on the way to run technology and bend start technology: a radius of 10-15 meters along a circle run, experience outside of his left foot, right foot inside the ground and body introversion of running techniques, two techniques to learn to run straight into the corner, three technology learning curve into the straight run. 4 Learning from until you reach the corner and the corner into the straight the entire technology. 5 Learning curve along the tangent line into the corner after the start of technical

study endpoint running techniques: a jogging to do upper body moves forward crossing the finish line. 2, the speed to run 20 meters to 1 meter away from the finish line when the upper body forward, with chest or shoulder crossing the finish line. 3 quick run 30-40 meters crossing the finish line to do action.

These are some of the 400-meter race in the process of key technology moves, of course, also need to have a good physical quality, which are arranged by coaches. If it is their own separate training, it needs to do a long-term training schedule, do not need too much training volume. Be adjusted because of physical conditions. Recommend that you insist on running 2000-3000 meters a day warm-up lap, such as the morning and 1,500 m, 1,500 m the afternoon. And then spent ten minutes running a warm-up exercises to do, such as small step to run, high leg lift, after the tread running, stepping guns, wheel running, cross-step run, buildup. Road, 15-20 m long, each action to do two to three times i. The above-mentioned and then practice the technology practice, of course, can be done 1-2 times a week strength training. Based mainly on training the thigh muscles. Pressure can do barbell, Leapfrog and so on.

If you really want to improve performance, you need to persevere! I believe you



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