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How can girls legs thinner without affecting the sports scores

clonly2010-03-07 22:10:09 +0000 #1
pretty slim because the upper body, thigh, calf and the lower body is very thick,

it will feel very coordinated, want a winter break when the legs become thin,

close in the test, originally sports are good,

but do not want to stovepipe's sake affect the body test results,

LO we bother ..

yingdisha2010-03-07 22:14:30 +0000 #2
First of all to maintain leg muscle strength, then certainly sporty stamina

a brief introduction to have a few easy exercises tips:

1, stretching

1, legs spread apart and stand up and shoulder width, knees bent, feet slightly lifted at the same time hold your breath. Forced expiratory ankle, make every effort to extend to the body.

2, feet separated and shoulder width, inhale, and then stretched out his left leg back, lifting his arms. In the state, paving the right foot now, breath, put down his arms. Repeated five times alternating legs.

3, from the chair, Bengzhi, relax toes, so that calf muscles taut feeling, repeated 20 times. Or ankle on a chair or a chair by hand, pressure waist with open arms. This not only waist and legs are fully extended, is also a way to make variable-length legs.

2, up and down stairs

Do not take the elevator upstairs and downstairs, to make full use of steps to sharpen. Do not forget the stairs stretching calf, with trampling level legs sharp edges, lift and drop toe temper when the Achilles tendon, ankle becomes thin, muscle tension has also been reduced, could be restored to a beautiful calf.

3, flexible use of finishing Sports Sky Walker

Sky Walker is finished using the fitness equipment (both access to skiing and jumping effects of equipment) after finishing gymnastics. Lateral legs will be lifted, put down about 30 times, and then again to send back the leg forward. Then Do not stretch the toe or bending the knee. The campaign's biggest secret is to uphold the longer the better.

4, flexible legs parade

want to have slim and almost no muscle in the leg, try to give the thigh stretch gymnastics. Straight standing, abdomen hip, pelvis slightly decreased, showing Bu, raised heel, and then resumed a straight standing position.

Baidu Video Search "thigh calf" has beautification leg lines of video, that is also a good recommendation about

Finally, exercise Guizaijianchi, if sustained, it will certainly effect, I wish you success -! ! !
282,220,0292010-03-07 22:18:51 +0000 #3
Feedback eat more points, the upper fattened point. Meat and bones than the rest of girls a little better. Do not like too thin, and feels unhealthy. Stovepipe must be more difficult. Can be a pair of black stockings and boots to cover up what the results be properly.
I am willing to address the dragons dead2010-03-07 22:21:29 +0000 #4
can practice long-distance running
Jia-Na 662010-03-08 00:02:23 +0000 #5
more easy to form the legs to run more and move the muscles, so more difficult to lose. Bag plastic wrap, easy to thin out the point of sweat.
512010-03-07 23:19:54 +0000 #6
Leapfrog not bad, but I think you have to fight to take the trouble to buy the site Caixing otherwise bandage wrapped around the fat part of weight loss should there be any result a try! The main point still rely on the determination



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