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China's sprint on the track and field history

winds of taste Yangmei2010-03-08 02:10:44 +0000 #1
note the sprint
OoDARKoO2010-03-08 02:16:46 +0000 #2
is said Liu Changchun, right? In Wikipedia to check in

is the first person to the Chinese Olympic
shmilyxj212010-03-08 02:49:29 +0000 #3
Chinese athletics is about more than 100 years of history can be divided into four stages: 1,19 century -1,949, is the introduction of China's athletics, the initial development and stagnation pre-stage. </p> The late 19th century, in order to track and field, ball games as the main content of Europe and the United States sports, from the Christian missionary and educational activities through the YMCA and church schools, from entering China. St. John's College in Shanghai in 1890, met for the first time in track and field sports as the main project. Beginning of the 20th century, all kinds of schools offered physical education in track and field sports, as a widely used teaching materials, different sizes of track and field sports competitions between the schools is also increasing. October 18, 1910 -22, held in Nanjing, the first session of the National Games. </p> 2,1949-1965, is China's rapidly growing popularity of track and field and improve the stage. </p> After the founding of New China, in the party and the government's attention and concern, track and field sports in large, primary and secondary schools to carry out together with the rapid spread throughout the country have generally established an Amateur Sports School Track and Field youth classes, countries and provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to establish track and field team, the national track and field competitions institutionalize and promote China's track and field levels. In 1957, Chinese athletes broke the Zheng Fengrong to 1.77m × U.S. athletes Mike Daniel to keep the women's high jump world record. In 1958, the old China track and field records have all been refreshed. By 1965, there were 35 people reached the 19th Olympic Games when the enrollment criteria, 17 were in the 11 year results included the world's top 10. </p> 3,1966-1976, is China's track and field by the "Cultural Revolution" the impact of stage of exercise were significantly decreased. </p> Began in 1966, ten years of chaos, so that is just taking off Chinese track and field movement suffered a heavy blow, basically to stop the normal training and competitions, many of track and field has also been greatly damaged. During this period, in addition to Ni-chin in 1970, with refreshing results 2.29m world record in the men's high jump, the other of the track and field accomplishments were once stagnant or declining. 1975, held at the 3rd session of the National Games, in men and women 35 track and field competition, as much as 25 achievements of the projects than in 1965 the 2nd National Games achievements. </p> 4,1977-2001, is China's reform and opening up athletics and resume development, and to the world stage. </p> In 1976, due to the order out of chaos and beyond our country's reform and opening-up policy, so that re-restoration and development of track and field sports, track and field has improved rapidly. 1979, the 4th National Games track and field broke 18 national records, 38 games in the 34 results in excess of 1975 the 3rd level. </p> (B) the status of the Chinese track and field </p> The 26th Olympic Games, the Chinese track and field in the world track and field athletes of the flat. In addition to the 27th Olympic Games women's 20km walk gold medal has made a valuable outside the track and field competition at the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships, Championship and Grand Prix, China has not made one single before the 6 results. </p> Although the industry source said: This is normal, basic reflection of our true level of the existing track and field athletes. However, some effects do exist factors that raise the level athletics. </p> 1, and appears not meet international standards. After 1992, China accelerated the pace of opening up. In order to align with the international university sports, our colleges and universities to strengthen high-level sports teams in track and field building. Many secondary school students and provincial sports school track and field athletes have been elected to the University an exception. Since China's universities have not yet fully implemented the credit system, into the university training targets ambitious enough, poor training conditions in some schools and schools, the enthusiasm of amateur coaches have not really mobilized, affected personnel to enter the colleges and universities raise the level of athletics. </p> 2, secondary school period "Destructive Enthusiasm" affected a higher level of track and field sports. Athletics training needs a strong systematic, track and field athletes, the best results occur unlike the age of gymnastics, diving and swimming, as early, generally to 20 years of age. However, higher levels of our high school track and field competitions, but most secondary school students in the basic training phase is not a strong case of specialized training on the early, early highlight a special intensity, which seriously affected the further growth of outstanding young athletes. </p> However, these problems are the problems in advance, with the training conditions of various colleges and universities in the rapidly improving track and field competition level of students has increased annually held in Beijing in 2001 World University Games, the Chinese students Chinese athletes in track and field competitions were 8 gold medals. This is our country in the World University Games, the best result achieved. </p>



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