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Dizziness and vomiting after the finish the 200 meters

562,372,8432010-03-08 04:11:23 +0000 #1
physical education movement has been done is also prepared to jog 400 meters and then run 200 meters very dry throat after I walk about 5 minutes walk up the stairs are dizziness, sweating and vomiting without physical effort I drink some of distilled water to decumbent 好想 not working someone else gave me a sugar 好想 good point is that why ah this situation so that twice the
g _kei_k2010-03-08 04:22:42 +0000 #2
is very simple

you do not have hungry eat


Pao Bule you go up there is really irresponsible remarks ah

sugar is to increase your calorie

============== better to eat butter, sugar, ================== OK =============================== ====

know it? You do not believe ask your biology teacher! OK?

I believe I am not wrong!
Pan Silver secretary2010-03-08 04:39:41 +0000 #3



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