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What sport can improve the speed of 200 meter sprint?

small mast 1232010-03-09 00:11:49 +0000 #1
Badminton? Or taekwondo? Or other
bigstarlxc2010-03-09 00:18:06 +0000 #2
sprint focus on power and the outbreak of the coaches can go to the gym under the guidance of strength training, football is also desirable.

In addition, there is a sprint essentials, swing with your upper limbs to drive the frequency of lower limb, to taste try, you'll have a harvest.
Ls1Jxz2010-03-09 00:25:13 +0000 #3

practicing vital capacity
Duck Altman2010-03-09 00:22:34 +0000 #4
200 meters, if a more systematic training, then run all belong to the regular anaerobic exercise, and can be ran through the 50-meter short-distance training, if the non-professional 200-meter run, then the basic or aerobics running, all kinds of sports can increase your speed, recommended play soccer, soccer sports, there is a short distance sprint race, with aerobic running is well-suited.
goodboy_rui2010-03-09 01:40:15 +0000 #5
for you to improve sprint performance following a few important factors:

and sprint performance-related factors are many: stride frequency, stride, speed, speed, capacity, power, and muscle and joint flexibility and coordination; also there are athletes psychological quality and technical standards. There are three factors most relevant to improve sprint performance.

(A) a reasonable right technical movements

athletes can master the reasonable and correct technical movement essentials, the future can achieve a high level of the basic conditions that must exist. Because Sprint is a cyclical movement, full to repeatedly run Ji Shibu. 1:00 minor errors, repeated, it becomes a big problem. If every step of the stride can be lengthened 5 cm, then the 50 steps can be 2.5 meters to win the advantage. Therefore, we should make great efforts to improve technologies. Technical specifications and reasonable action to run the action is mainly manifested in the structure to be more in line with the principles of biomechanics, so running a better demonstration of the technology-oriented and efficiency-oriented savings. Specific form in the running performance of the technology are: the action to run a balanced center of gravity up and down small; upper and lower extremities with the coordination of movement, upper arm positive powerful combination of lower limbs put pedal to swing to promote tread; run forward and straight line is good, and the whole a good sense of rhythm and so on. In short, enabling players to master a reasonable and correct the technical essentials, we are in training will be given a multiplier effect.

(B) special forces capabilities

force is the foundation. Almost all of the competitive nature of sports are inseparable from the basic strength training. In the sprint strength training, teachers should practice a one-time strength (explosive) and a series of strength exercises (special forces capability) Organic combination of good. Strength training in the past, we used the means are more generally large weight, the weight of the absolute number of little strength training. Explosive development of this approach is better. However, in the sprint, we should attach importance to the special forces capabilities. Because the general strength training, weight, number of no more than 10 times. According to the project characteristics (sprint is a cyclical sport), if running 100 meters, at least need to use 45 steps to 48 steps or so (men), 200 meters even more numerous. Therefore, we sprint training process even more important is the continuing role of the power capacity of muscle, which is a special forces capability. Specific to the training methods and means can be used are: rubber kick, a high leg lift weight-bearing, 100

200 meters paragraphs stride jump and so on.

(3) speed capabilities

speed capability is the core. The sprint, the last point of view is generally that speed training is the core. But I think that is the speed capabilities need to firmly grasp throughout the core. The so-called speed capabilities, that is, the ability to maintain speed, it now commonly referred to as speed endurance is different. Specifically in terms of training means the speed capacity refers to the maximum intensity, or are close to maximum strength to complete the paragraphs 100 to 200 meters run; it is characterized by duplication of a low frequency, intermittent longer time, a great strength. The speed endurance is slightly lower intensity (80%

90%) of 250

500 meters paragraphs running; Its characteristics are repeated more frequently require to run the average intensity, intermittent time relatively short. Some of the athletes after the process capability is not good, the result is that specific performance will not be a good result of the analysis is the athlete's stride frequency and wrong. But in fact very likely that the athlete within 50 meters of short-range good rhythm, the intensity is also high. Then, the athlete's absolute stride frequency should be good; only relative stride frequency is not good, that is his ability to keep pace not good enough. If the athlete through the targeted system training, speed, capacity has been improved, and he is still able to maintain his former half of the stride frequency and speed of the original; then his special achievements and wholly positive step-frequency indicators were tried on the corresponding .



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