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How to quickly fall asleep?

fredaonlove2010-03-09 01:10:18 +0000 #1
Every time the next day when you want to get up early, they usually can not sleep -
phil842010-03-09 01:18:05 +0000 #2
before going to bed an hour to exercise, and then their feet with hot water, if placed to drink yogurt, you can sleep good!
mylovexia13142010-03-09 01:22:27 +0000 #3
Quick sleep, "Zhumian 14 Act"; (1) morning at the dawn walk, will shorten the sleep cycle, so easy to sleep after you go to bed at night. Because exposure to sunlight will make the brain where the pineal gland secretion of retirement earlier melanin, a strong artificial light has the same effect. On the contrary, if it is found you sleep at night too early, we might have more in the afternoon or evening, more sunlight. This will extend your sleep cycle, delayed the time to fall asleep. (2) The exercise can shorten your sleep cycle. If you are an all-night sort of person, your mind usually become active after midnight. However, when riding a bicycle all day, your sleep cycle will be shortened to bed early at night, some sleep more fragrant, the next day got up very early on. (3) an appropriate increase in body temperature at night, there will be conducive to sleep. For at least 15 minutes of sauna or hot water bath, can achieve this effect. (4) sleep during the daytime should not be more than an hour, nor after four o'clock in the afternoon to sleep, or else the evening there would be no sense of drowsiness. (5) contains caffeine, a variety of foods and beverages, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, etc., the best after dinner to avoid the use of caffeine is exciting because of the brain caused by insomnia. (6) at low water, drinking too much will increase visits to the toilet throughout the night, thus affecting sleep. (7) go to bed an hour before the cessation of strong mental activities can look at some simple readers or comedy TV series, so that the brain relax. You can also consider to deal with some trivial household chores, etc., and wash bed. (8) under the guidance of a doctor, supplementary magnesium, calcium, vitamin B and so on, can sleep better. (9) and so sleepy before going to bed. Bed used only to sleep, not in bed watching TV, eating, reading or playing. If you go to bed after 15 minutes still can not sleep, just get out of bed to read a number of easy books, do not lie there again and again. To stay in bed, will allow you to bed and insomnia linked. (10) to install a sound-proof windows, hang thick curtains to ensure that the bedroom is completely soundproof. (11) If the morning sunlight to enter your bedroom, sleep may consider wearing goggles. (12) unless there is something to bear in the evening, switch off the best phone in the morning and then open at midnight or at dawn to avoid accidental phone ring in the interference. (13) approach to try to relax, there are many options available to you, such as muscle relaxation, functional feedback therapy, yoga and so on. Here are a kind of effective way of many people: ① went to bed later, lying in bed, the first rock, relax a leg, for a few slow deep breath abdominal; to relax the other leg, and then several times to make you more relaxed breathing. ② Then relax your arms, shoulders and neck, and then relax your facial muscles, especially the eyes and mouth muscles. Remember that each would take a deep breath to relax a muscle group once, unconsciously, you're already gone to sleep. (14) to get up every morning at the same time in order to make your sleep the formation of a fixed rule. Hope you can help, I wish you happy every day
chenwenhao002010-03-09 01:37:18 +0000 #4
bored watching television and movies do more exercise ... go to bed tired, a cup of milk before sleeping to eat faster, but not to promote any number of sheep before going to bed just do not want to sleep on
1 You'll have to see Lai 12010-03-09 01:43:40 +0000 #5
Play mobile ah! While listening to music, watching the novel, his eyes wanted to close their eyes when tired, you can fall asleep



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