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yangchaoxiu82010-03-10 07:11:36 +0000 #1

dream of flying2010-03-10 07:14:09 +0000 #2
800 meters is the combination of the outbreak and endurance training before the 800 that you first training up to three and then to fast in March of this year, when you The best rushing 300 can be washed down in one breath, do not want to run a few groups, reaches can be washed down in one breath until I was training are two lessons to run a group of 300 full-run rest 23 minutes and then ran for a week you have to practice running 600 grasp the rhythm of the first three 100 meters 300 meters after the impulse on the list in January after a ten seconds

800 can be added so the training is indeed very tired, but it can break through the limits of your body. Body 800 is the last one measured, and no one to life. Entrance when the body measuring 800 meters of the first lap closely follow the first or second (depending on the speed of their case) on the last lap who do not control impulse on the list, but should pay attention to the rhythm of their own will not be disrupted by

my last three are from the March 9 is the last train 800 from 2 minutes and 25 rose to 2 hours 09 training of the most important thing is perseverance, I wish you every success
ws45648762010-03-10 07:30:36 +0000 #3
Hehe intermittent running 150-300 per day for 4-6 months a group of engage in 2-3 Group

as long as results for a month flew by leaps and bounds

In addition more than help to improve endurance running 3000



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