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What is the men's triple jump world record

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Mike Powell, the U.S. men's long jump best player in 1991 he broke the 8.95 meters Beamon maintained for nearly 23 years of men's long jump world record. Powell in November 1963 was born in the United States, 10 Philadelphia. A child, he loved sports, high school was the school basketball team, and later switched to long jump. In 1985, he reached the long jump 8.17 meters, the year ranked No. 10 in the world. In 1987 he received the World University Games and the IAAF Grand Prix Final champion, the best results to 8.27 meters. In 1988 he first participated in the 24th Olympic Games, with regard to the achievements won silver medal in 8.49 meters, has aroused widespread concern in the international track and field. 1991 Powell of the 3rd World Track and Field Championships, to 8.95 meters of the amazing accomplishments broke Beamon maintained for nearly 23 years, 8.90 meters of the men's long jump world record, shocked and field world. In 1992 he was the 25th Olympic Games to 8.64 meters won the silver medal performance. Reelected in 1993 with 8.59 meters the World Athletics Championships. 1995 was the 5th World Athletics Championships silver medal. Powell developed a very comprehensive, he ran 100 meters in 10 seconds 45,200 for 20 seconds, 99 meters, high jump 2.18 meters, triple jump to reach 16 meters. He was able to break Beamon created a "fabulous world record," because of his run-up speed and height of more than Tengqi Beamon. In 1991, Powell was selected as the IAAF, "the world's best track and field athletes," the same year he also won the United States, "the Sullivan Award."
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British veteran John Edwards in 1995, a record of 18.29 meters in Goteborg men's triple jump world record



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