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Bicycle Car of how prepared, how Long a correction

to get along for two years broke up2010-03-16 22:11:09 +0000 #1
Bicycle Car of how prepared, how Long a correction to accurately answer
earvin_rain2010-03-16 22:12:50 +0000 #2
First you need a spoke wrench, this thing usually 15 yuan can buy , your point about 30 yuan, of course, PT of more than 300 different matter. Followed by the professional school ring frame, this thing a little expensive, the cheapest are more than 200, or pig iron accuracy is very low, basically use the brand in Taiwan Li-fu, if the conditions or choose to 2,000 yuan -7.0 thousand Standard Edition pT per month. This school ring frame can not only put the school side, but also correction round. Inside the school ring deflection is the simplest and most rare is the correct circle. The final tool is the tension of dollars, this thing is more professional, generally have a professional car dealers.

School ring to be stripped off before the tire to prevent the steel tube will be punctured. I do not know how your car is like, it is not possible to determine the focal point of your school ring. However, if your car did not even 1000, then ring the school for you basically have no meaning, because the ring itself is too soft, no matter how the wire transfer to teach, eventually not circle is not round, that way at all.

School ring to note the rear wheels. Because the flywheel side has a longer distance, on the need for greater tension. The front wheel disc brakes are the same, school ring inside the spokes and the spokes to run is the key. Spoke generally a -1.0 at 0.5 yuan per hour, round the price of the appropriate group would be more expensive. DT spokes price of the most expensive up to 40 yuan. On the bicycle is estimated that there are a lot of knowledge you have to make up. This can chinabike this site to see repair video. If the affinity, xing XU you can learn. There are shop owners and technicians are generally good state of mind is willing to teach you.



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