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Who can help to understand the words, on the middle-distance of the

Little Small Sundance Kid2010-03-16 22:11:24 +0000 #1
best middle-distance athletes speed training is normally done in the special training or high-intensity training, the body is at a certain accumulation of lactic acid under the conditions of the development of athlete's maximum speed in order to for raising the level of speed endurance athletes.

This sentence appears in the Baidu Wikipedia's "Long Distance" entry.

I want to ask is that the body can develop athletes, lactic acid maximum speed?
sunabc0072010-03-16 22:13:22 +0000 #2
This is controversial, to develop speed endurance is to such a practice, but the development of absolute speed is to practice before the body fatigue, nervous fatigue is the absolute velocity can not increase, because the fatigue would be reduced nerve sensitivity to the process, so that the frequency can not climb steps. Speed training requirements one of which is: Should athletes high excitement, emotional and full, sports and strong desire to circumstances; or as to the basis of aerobic metabolism, help to improve the level of output per stroke can enhance the body's ability to recycle , so that an increase in capillaries, but also conducive restored too.

Some people are in the training part of the training, I am usually the first part of the training, which also depends on which training cycle, training, What is the mandate period to be determined.

Today's middle-distance race training on the speed is getting higher and higher, and who has a breakthrough in this regard who will succeed.
Fat raging love sleeping2010-03-16 22:48:15 +0000 #3
the body caused by muscle fatigue and lactic acid is the reason for lactic acid accumulation of a large number of muscles will be very tired, let this time against the lactic acid produced by muscle fatigue, can improve muscle fatigue, thereby enhance the speed endurance



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