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How to train a 20-day endurance and speed of 800 meters

I am the beauty ugly2010-03-23 20:12:10 +0000 #1
March 1 school I will do the rest of 20 days time

I am now 800 meters in the best time was 3 minutes and 27 the worst time was 3 minutes and 35

went to the last time there are always a special feeling of lack of oxygen to endure after the first painful finish

I think it is not enough stamina bar

20 days how I would like to exercise in the morning training exercise every day or night what is needed How many meters to run the project hopes to help people who really knows

by the end of May to be a plan in the exam on time for school there are two schools of collective training

now I leave his temper Baituo brothers and sisters aunts and uncles brothers and sisters to a plan to
ppxiaohaihai2010-03-23 20:17:35 +0000 #2
First of all, I understand, I am an athlete, and secondly, I am a student, I understand the feelings of their peers.

Winter break, I think you had better stop doing the exercises, sports exam, but also in the test, and would prefer to focus on learning, (seriously look at, I do not digress)

1, because I think your performance in the examination is still good for

2 Do not be too sure myself, I tell you, you want to own practice is unlikely, I think 800 is something of this need endurance dignitaries nal. His practice would be to relax the requirements and you are an extra training, and others, no training, and you will have a psychological, to try not so tired. Practicing long-distance running is not tired, but there is no effect. For example, run 400 meters, 300 meters after you have run tired, do not run, you run a 300 meters of numerous industry will not progress, and 100 meters behind the tiring, but it is the most useful, and why He walked so more than is the need for this final 100 meters ah, so his practice is just a waste of time

3, the next semester in your school will organize a collective practice, but in fact even if you ran that day in the exam results, you also have the entrance exam by 90 perfect score more likely, because the test we will be nervous, will be extraordinary play. However, to insurance, or preferably before the train ran full marks

schools are very reasonable, so long as to seriously follow the training, you need not worry about, learning bar placed mind
840,946,7032010-03-23 20:22:13 +0000 #3
morning run 2000 meters, afternoon run four full-speed 100, rest a while pitted a 1000 meters
ak2588522010-03-23 20:29:05 +0000 #4
3000m jogging warm-up training sessions to run

every volume is 800 meters distance from the three specific times, such as the use of 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters intermittent running, training, capacity: 10

12 200-meter run; or 6

8 300 m run; or 5

6 400-meter race. The intensity of running their own maximum speed of not less than 80% of the best. If the intensity of running 70% or less, on the human organism would not have enough incentives in improving performance is largely meaningless.

The run training sessions for each volume is 800 meters distance of about 4 times specific, such as the use of 150 meters, 200 meters run fast, in the middle with the 100-meter jogging as the adjustment amount of training as follows: Run 12 to 14 sprint 150 meters + jog 100 meters; or running 10 to 12 sprint 200 meters + 100 meters jogging. Gallop section strength of not less than 70%, jogging segments no more than three times the sprint period.
364.4088 million2010-03-23 21:53:05 +0000 #5
the outset: complete hand-written! No copying!

1. First of all, depending on your running late 800M has a special finish the painful feeling of lack of oxygen after the head hurt, it can be concluded it was caused by head and muscle oxygen, you can do five pull-ups, or 10 Is there a push to see if the same feeling, if any, on the instructions of your muscular endurance and flexibility is not strong, but also show that you usually exercise ruthless little physical difference!

2. To achieve your goals mentioned above, if you do not have persistence and perseverance in the short term, relentless hard to achieve!

3. Method:

A. Let us not run 800M, run 500M, but the gun's time to breath, or simply sets of plastic bags on his head, so you breathe less oxygen, and muscle on the hard to absorb oxygen, and soon you the increased endurance!

B. To enhance the speed, the best to find a treadmill, but no one can do. As follows:

First, do not speed too fast, convenient on-line, so running 2 minutes after the sudden acceleration, can run multi-block, the more quickly, reaching Extreme! So you feel really Paobu Dong, and would slow down, put it, and one started, so that running 2 minutes later accelerated, tired, slow down, has been circulating!

If you have to do what I say, 15 days of Gao Ding! I have a personal experience, and write so, I hope LZ to the sub-bar, thank you -. -
chengtao567892010-03-23 20:42:46 +0000 #6
Ha ha! Exercise is not something one or two days, depends on the spirit of perseverance ah!

I feel tired and not in a good run daily practice is sufficient.



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