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How to Exercise will run 快啊?

_ childish2010-03-24 12:11:55 +0000 #1
I have just 14 years old. Woman. Is not high. Only 155cm. Would like to ask why I was not running so fast? I long jump, sports, are the top three. The slow running a little bit. My legs very rapidly. on a small step. But the people who run fast are the high-I 23 cm. Is there any way to exercise what ah? Xie strategy!
丶 丨 insect Aberdeen灬2010-03-24 12:27:00 +0000 #2
the more exercise, sit-ups, running (sprinting, distance running's) should practice a practice, as long as a training exercise to practice will be very effective for running fast, and you fairly powerful, and I just sprint soon , distance run, the other will not work miserable than you do!
Chinese k1 small bald2010-03-24 12:52:55 +0000 #3
weight-bearing squat



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