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The Canadian sprinter who?

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Donovan Bailey (Donovan Bailey)

Nationality: Canada

Birthplace: Jamaica Manchester

Project: Men's 100 meters

Height : 1.83 meters

Weight: 82 Kg

December 16, 1967, Donovan Bailey was born in Jamaica to Manchester, 13 at the age of immigration to Canada. When he was studying, Pele favorite basketball in high school when the school basketball team is a member of the 20-year-old when it began to turn to track and field training. He graduated from the University of Toronto, Sheridan Bailey has a degree in economics, in a stock brokerage firm to do a market consulting, shortly after the start his own import and export of a clothing company, with great success. Bailey had six years here did not participate in any sprint race, but in 1991, aware of their talent, he returned to the runway - however, in 1994, he is also a personal best, but 10 seconds 36.

Under the guidance of the coach Paff, 1995 Bailey leaps and bounds, Gothenburg world championships and took first place with 9 seconds 97. At the same time, Canada also won the 4 × 100-meter relay gold medal. The 26th Olympic Games in Atlanta to 9 seconds 84 men's 100 meters champion, and broke the world record. Bailey and his teammates also won the 4 × 100-meter relay gold medal.

At the Atlanta Olympics in several events, Bailey's performance did not give the left a deep impression, far from Frank Fredericks, 埃托博尔顿 as eye-catching. However, Pele seems to be an important moment in the health specifically for people who have also proved that is the case! July 15, men's 100-meter battle began, Pele 6, left Fredericks, the right is Ezzine watts. Gun sound, and Bailey's a very bad start (reaction time 0.174 seconds long), but his nerves like steel in general, in the 40 meters when the speed began to magically According to statistics, he was moving distance per second, reached 12.1 meters ! Finally, along with the audience screaming, Bailey crossed the finish line first, and his achievements are incredible 9 seconds 84! Refreshed by the Renault 9 seconds maintained according to Burrell's world record of 85, won the largest popular Fredericks performance was 9 seconds 89, the young Bolton also ran out of the 9 seconds 90 results.

Unfortunately, Bailey then began to receive injuries and health problems, and 1997 World Championships in Athens, he was 9 seconds 91 results, although quite good, but it lost to Green's 9 seconds 86. To make matters worse, in 1998, when Pele was playing basketball in the tendon rupture and repair for a very long time, low-key comeback in 1999, he did not participate in Seville World Championships, whole-hearted preparations for the Sydney Olympic Games, but in the end or in the four One of the final points were eliminated.



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