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I insist on the uphill run 40 kilometers a day with a period of about two and a half hours in 2011 t

2007 Xiamen Marathon2010-03-25 08:10:03 +0000 #1
I use this method of altitude training to increase their speed endurance and perseverance, my marathon of the most good results in two hours, 18 minutes and 32 seconds; ask me to do so in 2011, the Xiamen Marathon take champion? Please know, this friend told me I thanked the.
Charlie Skywalker2010-03-25 08:22:50 +0000 #2
According to my projections, you can! But there are a few conditions: one, do not hurt two, do not cramp 3, do not too tired to 4, as long as you have the opportunity to participate
countercurrent Bolang2010-03-25 08:59:09 +0000 #3
great amount of training!

I can only run 10 kilometers a day, you can go to ask, "Paoba Old Li."
chinafiba2010-03-25 08:32:53 +0000 #4
marathon training cycles are related to scientific training of a novice 2-3 years before they can finish a marathon. You run 40 kilometers every day, sudden death has not worn out, and still find a good coach scientific training bar



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