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Professional sprinter of available physical condition? (Learn to enter!)

Dan column2010-03-25 14:10:24 +0000 #1
A sprinters body requires what kind of conditions, such as height, weight, body ...... the proportion of the Achilles tendon seems to have heard some athletes to fine leg, right?
Wolf _ White Deer2010-03-25 14:18:25 +0000 #2
this is not important as long as more like a practice, but most people are divided into the following types

a deer type, type of human-type thin, not much meat, most of it picky eaters, and do not eat fat. General, these are suitable for the race, the training is also easily lead to results, Wang Junxia is this type.

2 swine, such persons qi digestion is good, no matter what he ate, are easy to long-fat fat.

3 lion-type, most of us are of this type, well-proportioned muscles, heads in general, physical in general, as long as trained, it is possible to become outstanding athletes, but also the different characteristics of selection according to your project, for example, some were responsive, appropriate for a class of table tennis, and some people is power, appropriate for weightlifting, shot put a class, and some stamina is good, the ideal long-distance running, and some people a good jumping ability, appropriate for the high jump, long jump, explosive power is good, on the appropriate dash. However, after hard practice of science, as a good athlete.
Overdraft courage dn2010-03-25 14:44:36 +0000 #3
muscle type it must be a sprint classes, and that is certainly a very strong explosive force, there must be power, the general lower limb longer than the upper weight of this with the increase in the strength of your body will have a change in height at 180 - 190 or so of the most excellent, is not the Achilles tendon, but the ankle part of the Achilles tendon must be long



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