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Frequency energy and limb to raise the ratio

Jay Chou's bodyguard sw2010-03-26 15:11:47 +0000 #1
of any sport at a certain amount of energy consumed when the body may not stand the load when the frequency is limited to a certain degree of lower limb energy dissipation is the same as the original multiples of the frequency is no longer the key is different from a corresponding increase in the proportion of the corresponding weakening of consumption frequency of the proportion of this argument

, such as jogging reaches a certain level of energy dissipation is also no longer too much not improve stride frequency
a418039060812010-03-26 15:26:45 +0000 #2
you should know what is meant by load bar of your stride frequency began more than physical strength less quickly when the physical load on slower than quantitative, but only for your physical strength when training for the purposes of example, when you have the same power of 1 minute to walk 60 steps out of the 61-step as long as you strive to have effect when you tired, if only 40 steps / minute, as you strive to step out of the 41 effects are the same, but more than 60 than to be tired of multi-step 40-step at the same time can increase your endurance and stamina I just prefer to exercise in such a good effect under fatigue and exercise After absorption of physical complement to better But no matter what kind of exercise do not do not forget the warm-up exercises before and after the relaxation hope my answers help you are my one by one interested in eating a 呀 QQ854654517 I + I space of knowledge in this respect like a validation exercise on the written



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