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200-meter track and field venues painting

ljpaz512010-03-27 04:10:02 +0000 #1
space 96 meters long, 33 meters wide.

200-meter runway can not do can do 150 meters of the runway, at least four jumping Road.
164,757,8092010-03-27 04:26:05 +0000 #2
Half-style track and field's runway is composed of two equal and parallel to the straight section and two semi-circular curve radius equal to the composition. Design calculations should be the first line of perimeter taken as an integer (in multiples of 50), such as 150 meters 200 meters, easily calculated and measured.

Under the open space and use needs to determine how much the number of lanes and the size of the bend radius. Turn lane should be at least 4; lane width of 1.22 - 1.25 m; all lane width were 5 cm. If it does not hurdles teaching and competition, the desirability of 1 meter wide lanes. Finally, the site surrounded by a certain degree of open space should be left.



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