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Wo Hu Gong practice some of the problems generated when Chong Chou!

245,819,0622010-03-27 04:10:08 +0000 #1
I want to ask that the training exercises fighting ability of anti-Wo Hu Gong, the palm how the distance between the like? Is practicing so that the two hands made of eight-shaped, the index finger to the top of the distance? Is the distance between the two wrist?

There are times I do not know how I was trained to make my back filled, when the practice over 60 seconds, boxing, belly ribs feelings generated relatively strong, if the practice were correct, would not be the Son. I would ask you to guide me the right Lianfa.谢谢.
Canned donkey2010-03-27 04:15:52 +0000 #2
Prone pile, also known as Wo Hu Gong, tractor power, belongs to the strength of power law, this law has increased rapidly in the short term learning's body strength, strong muscles, and allows those who have the habit incredible anti-dozen functions (with the row of playing better then the effect). In this introduction to friends of the Lianfa trajectory from boxing learn boxing or other similar Lianfa, but some variations in the details.

Lianfa: straight body prone on the ground, like a modern sports like push-ups, and then tuning the details. Hands separately interval 1 Heng Zhang, double-oblique palm fingertips as opposed to hand-elbow bent to 120 degrees (greater than 90 degrees, less than 120 degrees), feet together, body straight, such as rope. So look down to keep still, natural breathing, no idea has been any "station" can go, then the only force to do.

Points: lumbar does not fall down, be sure to arch the body after lumbar depression filled, making the body look like the back of a plane. If it is not easy to do, can stand up to close to the wall to the lumbar experience this "filling" of the flu (the whole body affixed to the wall up). Practicing natural breathing, without ideas, always felt experience, to find redress, to see if it moves away form the. If maintaining power rack for 10 minutes without shaking lingers (soft), can be regarded as compliance.



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